Active Failover Any Cast DNS

Enterprise Any Cast DNS

Enterprise Any Cast DNS is a DNS administration which is spread over numerous areas for better dependability. Enterprise Any Cast DNS runs in servers situated in various geological areas which give better strength in DNS goals even if there should be an occurrence of an issue in one of the area. Due to its multi-zone nearness, it is additionally compelling in moderating DDOS assaults

Dynamic Failover

Dynamic Fail Over is a DNS based traffic directing component where in if an essential serving host doesn’t serve the solicitations, the traffic is re-steered to an auxiliary host. The essential host is effectively checked from various areas. At the point when a solicitation goes un responsive, the traffic is consequently re-steered to the optional host. Since the steering is done at the DNS level, there is no requirement for an exceptional equipment. Such an Active Fail Over component enables you to keep different has in various areas and continue directing the traffic dependent on the host accessibility and reaction. Since the DNS administration that is utilized is an any cast DNS, the soundness of such an assistance is unmistakably more unrivaled than a solitary equipment steering gadget.


Any Cast DNS and Active Failover can be applied in regions where directing doesn’t rely upon the client’s side DNS storing. In view of this confinement, it is constantly utilized before numerous heap adjusting gadgets [Layer 4], which is then trailed by Layer 7 burden adjusting gadgets.