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What is Web hosting?

Web hosting allocates space for a website to preserve its files on a web server, thereby making it available to anyone on the internet. best website hosting in india Your website files (web pages) are basically maintained on this server. So if someone on the internet searches for the domain name, they get led to the website. The amount of space allotted to a website on a server depends on the form of hosting offered. HTS the Best Website Hosting Company in Noida provides Shared, dedicated, VPS and reseller forms of hosting.

What is the need of a website hosting provider?

Though just buying the domain name is enough to make the website live for the entire world, but the domain name is actually the website's name and to recall that quickly, we need a website hosting companies . As a medium of contact and engagement, consumers depend on your website so it's vital that the platform stays up and running. Technically, we are able to link our computer to the internet to support the user’s websites. But, since household internet connectivity is not capable of handling multiple visitors at the very same time, it is not technically feasible, so web hosting providers make it possible for us to visit our website.

Thus, you need a reputable website hosting providers who will host the site for it to be viewed by anyone. Every pricey affair is to set up a full-fledged server at your place of operation. Managing and running the server often requires several tools & technicalities.

Few mistakes to avoid while selecting the website hosting provider

1. Choosing the free web host: Many a time companies provide free web hosting to attract new customers or just to increase their customer base. There are chances that free hosting companies can put third party advertisement on your website that will definitely be annoying for your visitors and it can even affect the loading speed of your website. Best Hosting Services in India In choosing a free web host you have to choose from their existing templates, you can’t go for a unique theme for your website. Theme serves as an identity of a website so keep this in mind. Apart from this, sometimes the cheap hosting is not given priority by the search engine, so all your efforts will go in vain if your website is not searchable. So avoid making your decision based on cost.

2. Choosing a no refund guarantee web hosting package: While choosing the web host always try to go for the one providing a free trial or a refund guarantee. Some companies do not provide refund guarantee, what if you select a wrong package. A good and reputable hosting provider will either provide you both or will give one of the option as their main concern is to provide you the package that meets your need and to make their customers happy and retain them which clearly reflects their confidence. There are various hosting providers who offers money back guarantee and the time period can vary from 30 to 60 days or more.

3. Ignoring security We understand that hunting for a good web host is a challenging task and while doing so we often neglect the security part. Keeping in mind that hackers are always ready for exploitable vulnerabilities to gain access to the server and steal the information thus if this thing is taken lightly you can be required to pay for it. Some deployments particularly the one that involve conducting monetary transactions are heavily regulated and have strict security requirements. But even if all you are running is a personal blog, you shouldn’t completely ignore security features.

Why to choose HTS hosting?

The HTS solutions is a web hosting company in India that specializes in offering reliable and low-cost website hosting services. When it comes to your web requirements, we are a one-stop shop

Our best web hosting services 2020 include:

  • Cloud server
  • Reseller hosting
  • Dedicated server hosting
  • Business hosting

We ensure we provide you the most suitable hosting service for your company. Unlike many other web hosting providers, we don't cheat you into purchasing more than you actually need. Our excellently-versed team and devoted staff have a tremendous multi-environment experience to live with it.

Our development staff ensures that services are completed on schedule and within budget. we even Ensures the website's full stability and accessibility such that it is constantly live and accessible.

We operate on scheduled programmes, and with Fast Communication And No chance of hardware loss at any cost.

HTS hosting assure you for all your credentials which will be safe with us.

We aim to provide Full assistance to you with trouble-free live chat service from our available team (24 * 7) targeted at customer satisfaction at 100 per cent. web hosting company in India

As one of the best hosting provider in India Many of our service services include HOSTING to making sure you manage, promote to customize your website online.

So what are you waiting for, get in touch with HTS solutions the Best Web Hosting Company in Delhi & improve your site's accessibility, visibility & efficiency. Our web hosting services are simple and comfortable, fixing all your issues with web hosting. We also have a robust customer service team to fix problems in the fastest possible duration and make sure the site never grinds to a halt.


1What should I know about web hosting companies?

Though just buying the domain name is enough to make the website live for the entire world, but the domain name is actually the website's name and to recall that quickly, we need a website hosting companies.

2What’s the difference between a web host and a web builder?

Websites consist of several pages, which often include accessing a database and all these files and databases need to be stored so they are stored on the server that is provided by the web hosts.
A website builder is particular programmes that lets you efficiently and simply create websites. However, you’ll need web hosting to operate the website created by you.

3How many types of web hosting services are provided?

There are basically six types of hosting service provided that includes:

Shared hosting — one of the most cost-effective plan for the new websites.

VPS Hosting — this plan is for the websites where shared hosting has outgrown.

Dedicated hosting- this type of hosting is ideal for the enterprise level for massive websites.

Cloud hosting- it is Perfect for constantly increasing websites.

Reseller Hosting — deal for software developers, graphic designers, and companies.

4 Who regulates web hosting companies?

there is no single body that has the right to regulate the web hosting company.

5How can I switch hosts, or transfer my Website to a New Web Hosting Service?

The most secure way to move the files from your website to your new web hosting account is via FTP. Log in to your hosting account and copy the files to your system locally. Then transfer them to the key folder of your new hosting account.

6 What are domain hosting services?

Domain hosting relates to companies that are engaged in hosting domain names for the individual and business. Domain names are used in the URLs to classify a specific Web page.

7 What are SSL certificates? Do I need one? Are there any Free SSL image hosting services?

SSL stands for Secure Socket Layer. If we talk about SSL it is the backbone of our Internet Security. It is a basic encryption system that provides secure connections between a client and a server, which safeguards the private information as it moves through computer networks around the world. If you are managing any confidential consumer data you require an SSL licence. Ecommerce pages, which typically manage purchases via credit card, certainly need an SSL certificate.

8What is cPanel?

CPanel is an online graphical interface (GUI) based on Linux, used more as a control panel to ease website and server operations. CPanel lets you upload blogs, handle domains, organise web archives, build email accounts and much more.

9How we choose the best web hosting companies?

When selecting a web hosting company listed below are the few considerations that must be kept in mind:

  • The kind of Customer support.
  • Check the Reviews from the real users.
  • Awards and accreditations of the company for the services provided by them.
  • How long do the company stay in the industry?
  • The available Tools for Assistance.
  • The Policy on money-back assurance and reimbursement
  • Locations of the data centre.
  • If any Freebies and discounts are being offered.
10 What Is Shared Web Hosting?

A shared web hosting service is a web hosting service, in which many websites are positioned on one Internet-connected web server. There are software applications inside the server which make it easy to manage and connect directly to your website.

11What Is VPS Web Hosting?

VPS stands for Virtual Private Server. This utilizes virtualization technology to offer you dedicated (private) resources on server with multiple-user. Virtual private servers (VPSs) provide a cost-effective way to create greater flexibility and reliability for small enterprises than shared hosting without operating dedicated servers

12 What is advantage of VPN Server?

a Virtual Private Network can help make sure that the data is kept secure, that information is accessible globally, that personal data stays confidential and also that file sharing between users is accessed.

13Why Linux is more secure?

Linux is a free, open-source allocation of OS software built around the Linux Kernel. Linux tends to give fewer access permissions, so it is very seldom infected with malware such as viruses, worms etc. In Linux, IP tables are used to strengthen the system's security loop.