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GPS Tracking Server Hosting Software

GPS Tracking Server Hosting Software like Traccar can follow any GPS gadget progressively with no deferral. Traccar has ground-breaking online interface with Open Map/Google Map combination and gives subtleties writes about area history, trip graph through web, portable application or download. Traccar likewise empowers changing over a PDA into a GPS gadget utilizing versatile applications. With help more than 140 GPS conventions and 1000 models of GPS gadgets, Traccar empowers you to find, send remote directions and produce reports in a split second on the web.

GPS Tracking Server Hosting with Traccar in devoted server facilitating enables you to run your own GPS Tracking Server. There is no restriction on number of gadgets to follow these GPS Tracking Server. Anyway picking the right equipment will perform ideally. One key preferred position in above GPS Tracking Server is that it can run Traccar GPS Tracking Server just as your gateway created utilizing php, mysql and other bolstered advances. Such an adaptability brings about immense cost reserve funds.

Why GPS Tracking Server Hosting with HTS ?

1. Pre Installed Traccar GPS Tracking Software

2. Enhanced Settings

3. Run GPS Tracking Software in your OWN Domain Name

4. Run GPS Tracking Software just as your entryway in a similar server

5. Devoted IPs, Ample Bandwidth, 1 Gbps Port Speed

Getting started with GPS tracking

GPS-server.net can monitor thousands of targets, and display their location on maps with crystal clear detail right down to street level in a web browser. It lets user to track objects in real time, directly view historical tracks and notify about events that require your immediate attention, generate various group reports and much more. Software is very simple, user friendly and designed to communicate with a wide variety of GPS devices including mobile devices. It is constantly improved and updated with new features.

How does it work? Basic Requirements

You need a GPS gadget for each article you need to follow, a GPS gadget gets position data from GPS satellites and advances it to GPS-server.net. There are likewise vehicle mounted GPS gadgets, resource GPS beacons and individual GPS beacons that incorporate the two GPS and a versatile information module.

Your GPS gadget needs to have a web association with send position information to GPS-server.net. The most well-known alternative is to utilize an information membership in 2G or 3G portable systems. Most devoted GPS gadgets incorporate a versatile information module that utilization standard SIM cards.

Start utilizing GPS-server.net

What amount does it cost to utilize this administration?

Newly included GPS gadgets can be utilized for 14 days FREE with our administration. On the off chance that you might want to keep utilizing our administration, it would be ideal if you buy individual record plan from our shop or once gadget time for testing terminates.

How to begin utilizing the GPS-server.net administration?

If regardless you don’t have GPS gadget, you can get one on eBay or some other shop. Take a gander at our rundown of upheld gadgets to locate an appropriate gadget or check that your gadget is bolstered by GPS-server.net.

Android and iOS cell phones can be changed into GPS gadget with GPS Tracker application which can be found in our Mobile Apps page.

Click “Enrollment” in the upper right corner of this page to make account in GPS-server.net, more subtleties here.

Login and add GPS gadget IMEI number to your article list, more subtleties here.

How to arrange GPS gadget to interface GPS-server.net?

Refer to GPS gadget proprietor’s manual how to set server IP and PORT. Our server IP and PORT can be found at upheld gadgets page.

Set GPS gadget APN. (Ask GSM administrator what APN to use with your gadget SIM card. Check if there is a username/secret word required for the APN).

Make sure that your GPS gadget time zone is set to 0 UTC. If not it will show wrong time or occasion won’t work.

If regardless you have issues, it would be ideal if you check investigating or contact our help group, we will be happy to support you.

Will GPS gadget work inside the structure?

GPS gadget may not work inside the structure, due to flag nonattendance with GPS satellites. Take it out or put in to the vehicle.

To what extent does GPS-server.net keep history?

90 days, yet it is conceivable to spare history tracks in GSR design. Later you can stack them only legitimately from document.