Different Ways to Choose Right Domain

Choosing right domain name is one of the most important for your business. Domain name should be related to your business idea and approach. A good domain name should define your business and your website. Your domain name provides important information to website visitors and search engines. There are some reliable methods that you can choose to make your domain name as effective as possible. You can research strong keywords to incorporate into your content. You can use blog name generator to get ideas for your website. 

  • Choose right domain extension = Always choose top-level domain for your website. The most popular domain name is .com and it is still the best. According to official stats around 43% of all domains uses .com extension. While in the market you will see many other domain names like - .org, .net and other domain extensions. We would advise always go for .com. You can also choose other domain extensions but choose that one which comes under top-level domain. Avoid common phrases and words like - .club, .pizza and so on.
  • Brand over Generic – Create brandable domain name. Your domain name is the first thing that your customer will know. Make your domain easy to find, remember. If users can easily remember than they share your company on the web. It is the main point of view for your website and brand. A brand name should be unique and it should be stand out from competition while generic domain names filled with keywords and is unmemorable.
  • Domain name should be short rather long – When it comes to domain name, it should be short. Short is better. According to research, most common domain name length should be 12 characters. Domain name should be concise. You should aim for 6-14 characters. Remember it should be short and better. Many users avoid typing long domain names. If you’re unable to find something shorter than make it brandable.
  • Domain name should be easy to type – You can some of the popular tech giants which comes with easy to remember words. You will see one common thing they are easy to spell, easy to type and easy to remember. Your visitors should be able to type domain name without any problem. If you want to spell more than once that it’s too complicated. You can try it with by telling 10 people about domain name. If they are unable to spell more than once then you should consider your domain name to be shorter.
  • Easy to pronounce – As easy your domain name comes to your tips; it should more easily comes to your tongue. This makes easier for visitors to share your domain name by word-of-mouth and easier to share with friends and potential customers. You can test by writing on paper and you can ask 10 people to pronounce it.
  • Avoid using hyphens and numbers – Remember your domain name should be easy to spell and pronounce. Avoid using special characters and numbers. Using hyphens makes difficult to remember and difficult to open. Using hyphens and number might not spread quickly. Use domain name smooth and punchy.

Conclusion: -

Using easy to remember characters and words will help end users and visitors to open webpage quickly. For fast response time with short and punchy domain name is not enough. You need finest web hosting services. Connect with HTS Hosting that offers cloud hosting services with other hosting plans such as – Windows shared web hosting, Linux dedicated server and other web hosting.


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