Dedicated IP Address vs Shared IP Address

Are you confused in between dedicated IP address and Shared IP address? Want to know more about them? Then, just grab this opportunity by reading this post till the bottom line. As here, you are going to learn about the basic difference between both IP addresses.

So, let’s begin!

First you should be aware of what is exactly an IP address.

An IP (Internet Protocol) address is available on every website which is assigned to each domain. An IP address is a real address which is divided into two types i.e. dedicated and

shared IP address.

Let’s come around the motive of this post i.e. difference between both the addresses.

Dedicated vs Shared IP Addresses:

Dedicated IP Address:

Dedicated IP Address refers to own address of any website. This address can be utilized or accessed to access a Website from the web. It has several benefits:


One can access a Website easily directly utilizing FTP.

Fulfill Application Requirements

Requirement of SSL Certificate

Shared IP Address:

A Shared IP address refers to a particular or a single address utilized by a group of websites under a single web server. In this scenario, Web Server is busy in performing some other works like passing the request of a user to the accurate website. It has few benefits as follows:


Accessible by Multiple Websites


This blog shared basic difference between dedicated and shared IP addresses. We concluded that you should opt for dedicated IP address as it has so many benefits that a user need.

Hopefully, you will understand all the given points here and use the better IP address as per need.

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