How to Host Multiple Websites on Single Cpanel

Hosting multiple websites on single cpanel has been on constant practice for many hosting providers. Since many business owners or startups prefer using shared hosting. As they relatively low on budget and can work flawlessly. There are many companies who work on single cpanel. There might be cons of using single cpanle. But many business owners prefer cloud hosting using single cpanel. Managing multiple domains in single cpanel could be on bit of rough but they are easily managed. Cpanel offers “Add-On Domain” feature for adding multiple domain. With add on domain feature, you don’t have to buy additional hosting account.

Managing Add-On Domains

Like any other domain, log in to your cpanel.

Go to Domains -> Addon Domain. Enter your domain name and clikc on “Add Domain”. If you need an FTP account check the box before “Create an FTP account associated with this Addon Domain”.

As click on “Add Domain”. New domain will be added.

As add on domains are store in subdirectory of your cpanel home directory.

If you want to remove domains. Simply click on remove.

Determine name and location of addon domain directory.

CMS (Content Management Services)

If you are using content management services (CMS). Make sure you have updated every software. If one theme, plugins is containing any bug. It might encounter problem to other domains.

Prioritize Points before Adding a Domain

Before adding multiple domains. Make sure DNS is updated so that your domain could resolve to server. Ensure proper domain name and nameservers and update your domain DNS settings. If DNS records are not correct. You may encounter with “Could Not Determine The Nameserver IP Addresses for “”.

Consider adding DNS records in DNS zone editor. For adding DNS records, check out article of managing DNS records.

Conclusion: -

Above you have seen managing multiple websites on single cpanel is easy to use. Setup of multiple domains is easy to use. Using single cpanel account with multiple websites reduces the cost and time. HTS hosting provides best web hosting services in India. HTS do also provides multiple domains hosting on single hosting account.

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