How to Setup Custom Email with your Domain in Cpanel

Custom email IDs of your domain name. Custom email ID helps your customers to recognize your brand. Custom email of domain name shows customers an authenticity. Many companies use their own domain name email address. Having a custom email ID also gives good ranking to SEO(search engine optimization).

We will show a method for setting up custom email address in cPanel. For setting up custom email address.

  • Log in with your cPanel login credentials. Go to Domain -> Email -> Email Accounts.

  • Click on Create email address.

  • Enter “Username” and “Password”. Then click on “CREATE”.

  • After than your email address is created and now you can manage your email id.

  • Select any one web mail software. By default cPanel offers two webmail – roundcube and horde.

  • For demonstration we have selected roundcube. Click on open. After clicking on open new roundcube mail box will open.

  • Web mail software will open and new mail has created as – “”.
  • Copy the below marked URL of email client and save it.

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