Why Tech Enthusiasts/ Professionals Prefer Using .io Domains?

.io is an short form of input/ output. .io is used by many tech enthusiasts/ professionals. .io extension is well loved by many tech geeks. .io domain extension was actually assigned to British Indian Ocean Territory. But with over time .io became popular and .io is used by many tech startups/ enthusiasts. .io has become so trendy these days that Google has listed in gccTLD (Generic County Code Top Level Domain). Many tech enthusiasts find .io as very authentic and related to their IT (information technology). .io

Reasons for choosing .io extension: -

.io easily connects with tech industry. Developers, Designers, Security professionals prefer using .io.

Early many users prefer using .com because of its high demand but now is not available that much and many companies are shifting towards .io.

.io shortens your website address. Hence it makes easy to remember and easy to type and even unique.

.io has more availability and lower in price from .com domain.

.io is more connected with many internal files of Windows OS (operating system) that’s why many tech enthusiasts prefer using .io.

With its on-going popularity, Google has started giving good ranking in SEO (search engine optimization) to .io extension.

Is .io domain is safe to use: -

Back in 2015, some hackers started using .io as spreading malicious activities over the internet.

There were many malicious websites with .io extension that were spreading cracks, malware.

But later on in 2016, .io becomes trend for many tech startups and companies to use .io as their domain name.

There are different rules for all domains to confirm authenticity with no exception.

At HTS hosting we offers different domain extensions with budget friendly plans. We also provide Linux shared hosting, Windows shared hosting with domain/ ID protection. We work with our own DNS nameservers.

Using .io is completely safe and every company prefers using .io as it is much cheaper to .com.

Still many end-users thing .io extension as not generic. So they don’t prefer using .io. But .io has changed its image among many users. So new tech startups prefer using .io extension. According to implementations and specifications, your website/ URL must be from 3 to 63 characters. But still .io becomes handy to use and properly certified through organization. .io is great for domain hack. Domain hack is the process of adjoining character of your domain name. For example – examp.le

There are many popular websites already using .io extension. Many of the companies are transferring their domain name to .io.

Why tech startups prefer using .io extension instead .com extension?

Tech startups prefer using .io extension because they found .io more connected with tech industry. Tech startups need to show them cool in terms of work. That’s why they prefer using .io extension. .io extension has very different sort of style and pronunciation. According to tech startups, they found their consumers are connecting with them efficiently.

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