What is the Appropriate time to Choose VPS Server?

VPS (virtual private server) hosting is generally used by users who have grown too big. VPS allow users to have separate space with admin privilege. As the website grows, they need high amount of space that’s why website owners prefer using VPS. VPS is more dynamic than shared hosting. It’s more stable than shared hosting. VPS gives privilege of changing operating system.

There are different benefits of choosing a VPS server: -

Customization: -
With VPS server, you can customize OS to your needs. You can make changes according to your needs. If you have VPS hosting plan you can configure installations. Shared hosting relies on software packages that hosting company has installed. According to your business needs you can configure anything. You can install OS and applications as per your need.

Control: -

VPS gives an ability to supervise VPS environment. Some applications require restart of OS (operating system). VPS allows restarting of OS without affection anyone else. Even though you are using VPS, you can restart OS without disturbing others. 

Cost Effective: -

With an emerging time, hosting plans are decreasing day by day. Purchasing VPS plans for nearly any business is a must choice. HTS hosting provides cost effective VPS plans starting from 16.52 US dollars on Linux VPS hosting. We also offer other plans related to shared hosting like – Windows shared hosting, Linux shared hosting.

Improvisation: -

On VPS, website loads much faster and it can’t be slowed down by other websites. VPS plans commonly provide large allotment as compare to shared hosting. Users can avail more bandwidth, storage and possible access to other features. Such improvisation to your website gives faster loading to your webpage.

Add-On Features: -

If you are running website on VPS. You can add new features to VPS server. You can configure new features related to security like – firewall, installing any monitoring system. Having VPS server can help you to install any required add-ons or any element.

With ongoing huge demand of your website and increase in web traffic, you must consider to opt-out for VPS. It helps visitors to engage more traffic on your website. You can run multiple sites on VPS.

HTS hosting provides different VPS plans according to your needs. We offer VPS server on Windows as well Linux VPS.

High web traffic on websites that are running on shared hosting. This can make negative impact on your customer. Shared hosting is good for small business and medium scale business. But when your website is growing bigger. Then you must consider moving to VPS.

Why choosing VPS: -

Choosing VPS server with managed is more reliable. Because a managed VPS gives you with less control but it requires provider to maintain VPS with latest updates, security patches. In unmanaged VPS, most of the update and patching part has to be done by you.

VPS with good customer support is also very important because if your VPS provider is not giving 24*7 support. You will end up losing your website traffic. Unlike HTS hosting, we provide 24*7 supports and takes our customer queries seriously.

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