What are the Plans of HTS Hosting?

HTS offers lots of budget-friendly plans for their customers. Our plans starts from basic to professional. Some plans starts from baby to professional. We are constantly adding and updating our plans that anyone can afford these hosting plans. 

Not just about hosting our commitment is to provide fully-secured servers to our customers. We have latest updated security solutions to provide security to HTS data centers.

HTS hosting plans are mostly on dedicated, shared hosting, VPS (Virtual Private Server). We are currently providing hosting plans on Windows and Linux. Our basic plan starts from Rs 31/month. 

Our plans are varies on your usage: -

Hosting: -

Linus Shared Hosting consists of basic, advance, business and professional plans. To know more details about any of the plan visit our website. Same plans are for Windows Shared Hosting but with different specifications.

Linux Dedicated Hosting consists of basic, advance, business plans. Same plans are for Windows Dedicated Hosting with different details.

Reseller Hosting: -

Linux Reseller Hosting consist of starter, grow, expand, enterprise plans. Same plans are for Windows Reseller Hosting.

Dedicated Servers: -

Linux Dedicated Servers plans are basic, advance, business, professional and same for Windows dedicated servers.

VPS (Virtual Private Server)

Managed VPS: -

VPS is a hosting environment where RAM, CPU are specifically dedicated to your hosting account. Many users prefer VPS because it is much lower in cost as compare to dedicated hosting. Linux Managed VPS consist of baby, basic, advance, business, professional and same goes for Windows Managed VPS.

Self-Managed VPS: -

Linux self-managed VPS plans starts from baby, basic, advance, business, professional and same plans are for Windows Self-Managed VPS.

HTS also provides budget domain names for your business. Simply go to HTS hosting and register for new domains. We provide .com domain name from Rs 70 and other charges vary upon your usage. .com is most common domain extension that is widely used. HTS has budget plans for .com domain extension. Another domains such as - .net, .org, .biz, .us.

Web Security is another very important concern for hosting company. HTS has implemented fully-secured firewall with latest security measures. We also provide ID protection service. 

ID protection is required when website owner don’t want to show their website details to anyone. WHOIS lookup is generally used in finding information about any website. Many criminals uses WHOIS in their information gathering phase to know about the website. Website owners who are running portals where they do online transactions. They generally opt for ID protection services. 

Apart from ID protection HTS also give backup privilege. Backup is very important part for your website. You must do regular backups of your website. Backups are helpful in sudden interruptions.

At last HTS also provides website migration. We provide free of cost website migration with complete website data transfer to HTS servers. Connect with HTS Solutions to know more about our products and services.


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