What are the Features in HTS Hosting Account?

In our many previous blogs, you might have seen many specifications, features regarding HTS solutions products and services. Day-to-day, we are continuously improving and trying to put best services for our customers. In our HTS hosting product where we sell best hosting plans. We have created easy-to-use user interface for users. Users can easily manage all their purchases in HTS hosting account.

HTS hosting features are: -

HTS hosting features includes different features to manage all your domain and hosting related queries at once.

  • Below is the details of HTS Windows Shared Hosting Plans. You will see complete details of purchased hosting plan in https://www.htshosting.org?action=productdetails&id=101 
  •           Domain
  •           Username
  •           Server Name
  •           IP address
  •           SSL Status
  •           SSL start date
  •           SSL expiry date
  •           SSL issuer name

  • Most users visits WHOIS info for viewing details of their website. But HTS hosting features includes complete WHOIS details. Go to https://www.htshosting.org/whois.php?domain=htshosting.in 
  • Click on product details then click on WHOIS info to see full details of your purchased product.

  • For security reasons we have hidden some of the details.
  • You can also cancel order at any time. For cancellation go to https://www.htshosting.org/clientareaphp?action=cancel&id=101 
  • While cancelling all the details are mandatory to give so we can improve our products and services. Enter reason for cancellation and then click on “Request Cancellation”.

  •  You can open ticket or you can ask any query. Go to https://www.htshosting.org/submitticket.php?step=2&deptid=1 
  • Enter all required details, enter: -
  •           Name
  •           Email Address
  •           Subject
  •           Department
  •           Related Service
  •           Priority
  •           Enter details and then attachments

 You can also create “Sub-Accounts” with set of permissions for other users. With this option other users can also manage your HTS hosting account. Go to https://www.htshosting.org/clientarea.php?action=addcontact 

Enter all the required details: -

  •           First Name
  •           Last Name
  •           Company Name
  •           City
  •           Email Address
  •           State/Region
  •           Phone Number
  •           Zip Code
  •           Country

  • Above are the features of HTS hosting account that you can use to manage everything. 

  • HTS hosting is constantly improving all the products to become leading performer in domains and hosting.

HTS best hosting company in India, offers most affordable plans for every users. Freelancers can also even start with HTS hosting plans like – WordPress hosting in India. Other web hosting such as – Windows shared hosting, Linux dedicated hosting.


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