What Security Should you Implement in Web Control Panels?

Security is an essential need for any company. Now days increase in cyber-attacks has taken another storm. And companies are now very serious with ongoing situations. Earlier different implementations has make without thinking about security. That’s why hackers can found different bugs and vulnerabilities. On the internet, security cannot be implemented on single-end. You need security on different end-points and on different network devices. But the most importantly, security should be implemented in web control panels. There are different web control panels that are used in managing domains, emails and other hosting control panel features. Such web control panels requires security from malicious content. Web control panel companies are now offering different security solutions. Companies have implemented security inside control panels. Website administrator can see all the activities that are being monitored by security solutions. Like any other software, security solutions also create web logs. So admin can check and analyze all the logs. Such logs creates each and every transactions of the website.

By default, web control panels offers strong security. Following steps should be taken precisely while implementing security: -

  • Most hacking attempts were done by using brute force techniques. Hackers gather all the information about the company and then try gathered information in the brute force attacks. Create a strong password of your web control panel account. 
  • Create a password that is completely different from other login credentials. Avoid using common names and numbers.
  • Add different alphabets, special symbols, and numbers to create a high complexity. Use uppercase and lowercase in your password.
  • Don’t use usernames that is related your surname, pet name, and other names.
  • The password should hard to guess, easy to remember. You can use different password managers for storing passwords.
  • Using web application firewall also gives assurance that all incoming and outgoing web traffic is being monitored and malicious content is continuously blocking. With web application firewall you can also control web traffic, control ports. Firewall also helps in blocking DDOS (Distributed Denial of Service) attacks.
  • Install anti-virus on your web hosting control panels. Now web hosting companies has now implemented, different anti-virus software with updated virus signatures. Install anti-virus in your system.
  • Make sure to make regular backups of your web hosting control panel data. Backups are used in any emergency situation.
  • Try to learn more about social engineering attacks. Hackers always take advantage of users that are unknown to social engineering attacks. Social engineering attacks are done by using common psychology.
  • Limit the number of users on control panels. The more control panels is accessible to everyone. The more it is vulnerable. Only allow those users who require to make changes in control panel.
  • Use strong encryption on the web hosting control panel. While any transaction make sure that encryption is properly inserted.

Thus, HTS hosting, best hosting company in India that provides Windows shared hosting, Linux dedicated hosting, corporate web hosting and other reasonable hosting plans. HTS hosting makes sure to implement security in all web control panels. So that users can make their transactions securely and seamlessly.


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