What are the Security Tips for Your WordPress Website?

According to WordPress website around 40% web is using WordPress. Apart from blogging, now organizations are building ecommerce platform on WordPress. Other organizations who are selling services are also shifting towards WordPress. Organizations are migrating because WordPress is easy to manage. Website administrator only have to use drag & drop options. But still with so much usability and reliability there is a potential risk of being hacked. WordPress only offers easy to use management software. For the security part, organizations are responsible. Follow below security tips for your WordPress website: -

  • Choose your WordPress hosting provider wisely – On the internet, you will find different hosting providers selling cheapest WordPress hosting. These are all money hungry companies who don’t think about providing support and security. They only want your money. But not with HTS Hosting, best hosting company in India that provides reasonable WordPress hosting.
  • Update your WordPress to latest version - Like any other software, WordPress is also build using PHP. PHP is the backbone of WordPress site. Majorly you will find new version for next two years after WordPress was officially released. Day-to-day new bugs/ vulnerabilities are fixed and patched by WordPress Company. But still new bugs are coming. Consider updating your WordPress, whenever you receive new updates. According to sources, around 57% WordPress users are using outdated version. That means they are opened to attacks. It might take some time for business owners to update their WordPress to new version. But they should not risk their website data and update as soon they got notified with new update.
  • Use strong passphrase – The most important thing to authenticate any user. Passwords/ passphrases is something commonly used in every login webpage. Use strong passphrases with upper/ lower letter, special characters, and numbers to increase complexity in your password. Don’t use common names and characters because such keywords are easy to find using brute force attacks. The common passwords are: -
  • 123456
  • 12345
  • Qwerty
  • Password
  • 12345678
  • 222222
  • Passwords
  • 666666
  • Moonlight
  • Princess
  • Studboy
  • Create limited WordPress accounts – If you create limited accounts. There are less chances that you are open to any potential risk. Create accounts as per you needs. Do not create unnecessary accounts. Unnecessary account creation could lead to unknown authorization. In many cases, we have seen many attacks on WordPress websites. After making an investigation, investigators find out that unnecessary account creating leads to WordPress attacks.

Conclusion: -

WordPress is a very popular and easy-to-use software used by many organizations. Above tips are easy to follow for WordPress websites. 


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