Hosting Provider Pre-Requisites

Web hosting often provides web hosting plans and services. Business organizations require help from web hosting companies. It is very necessary to take help from web hosting provider. Hosting companies provides end-to-end support to help their customers. Below are some of the features that hosting companies provides as a help: -

  • DNS – When choosing website hosting provider. The main part is DNS (domain name system). DNS is properly configured by hosting companies. If DNS is poorly configured than your website won’t work. There are different DNS records that need to configure in order to maintain your website.
  • Uptime – At the risk of sounding, website downtime means loosing revenue for your online business. Downtime on your website causes major impact on SEO. The best way to avoid downtime issues is to ensure web host offers constant uptime with a guarantee.
  • Web Monitoring – Monitoring is another important aspect for preserving overall security and performance. Website monitoring enables organizations to monitor their network anytime and from anywhere. You organization will receive alerts about mission-critical issues impacting your website before threat actors impact your customers. With an on-going cyber-attacks, web monitoring is an absolute must in fast growing digital place.
  • SEO (search engine optimization) – in 2010, Google started using page speed as ranking factor. Ranking factors means faster webpages will earn higher SEO rankings. Recently, Google announces same for mobile version. Fast speed is very essential for your website. If hosting provider do not provide enough concurrent connections with their respective plans. You will see a major drop while opening a website. And this will affect your SEO rankings. Website speed is heavily dependent on your website.
  • Speed – As we have discussed above, website speed is such an important factor. To constantly run your online business you need high amount of speed. Hosting provider who is offering unlimited concurrent connections create good impression to customer. And even researchers have shown clear relationship between customer conversations and web load speed.
  • Security – Cyber threat actors and criminals always try to find access to your website. If this happens to your website. This could adversely impact your and you can lose revenue. That’s why choose hosting provider that prioritize hosting features and security. It is very important to choose hosting provider that offers best practices to secure your website. Other security measures is using best anti-virus solutions to mitigate DDOS (distributed denial of service) attacks. It could be really worse that your website get hacked and you lose all your website data. Such implications could be very serious for online business. It is very important to regularly create your website backups and where the backup data is stored.
  • CDN (content delivery network) – Website speed helps to improve your online business. This is defined as system of distributed servers that deliver webpages. Web content is used based geographic locations of the user. CDN helps in minimizing loading time of website.

Conclusion: -

Hosting providers do offers many features to ensure high availability of your website. For best results connect with HTS Hosting, Windows shared hosting platform providing dedicated server hosting, reseller video streaming and other hosting plans.


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