Java Dedicated Server

A dedicated server or dedicated hosting service is a hosting where clients’ releases out an entire server themselves but not shared with anyone else. HTS hosting have full control over the servers including Operating Systems, hardware which offers larger return on investment. HTS hosting is a leader in providing Java dedicated servers hosting all round the world. All our servers are completely tested and fully monitored. Java Dedicated server is a rapid start result for web applications developed in JSP (JavaScript), Servlets, PHP, PERL with usage of database.

There Are Several Hosting Features Of Java Dedicated Server. Some Of Them Are:

  • Technical Details : All dedicated Servers include Intel Processor and many more processor options are Dual Core, Quad core, Dual Quad Core, Dual Octa Core are also accessible. Disk options are as follows 1 TB, 2 TB, 3 TB, 4 TB; SSD disk ranges are also there includeing 480 Gb, 960 GB. Java custom settings control, MySql & Postgres. Components such as PEAR, Ajax support, Ruby On Rails, Image Magick, GD Lib, JSON, PDO/PDO MYSQL, MYSQLi, SOAP, Zip, Curl are enabled.
  • Language and Database Support : JSP, Servlets, Jdk 1.6.x, PHP 5.x, Perl, Python, MySql 5.x, Postgres. You can install range of third party applications in your domain in a single click. Some of the available apps include Word Press, Noahs Classifieds, Joomla, phpWCMS, TYPO3, os Ticket, Perl Desk, php BB, OS Commerce.
  • Email and Anti Spam details : The approach of Emails in dedicated server hosting with business class mail server options such as POP3 / SMTP / IMAP. Email server is similar in temperament with all major mobile and smart phones. Webmail access, on access & on demand virus scanning, high end DNS level spam protection. Dedicated email hosting comes with user level filtering of messages advanced spam control.
  • Authority of Control Panel: cPanel / WHM are also available in Java dedicated server hosting who provides complete root access which means you will be able to handle any key functions of your server hosting such as add domain, set up web hosting plans.
  • Server management and Support
  • Hardware/OS Level testing

HTS hosting is a leading hosting company that provides you some great benefits of dedicated server hosting to organizations. For maximum profit and ease feel free to contact our HTS hosting support at Our team will get back to you within next 24 hrs and will surely assist you.

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