What is Domain Extensions? How to Choose Domain Extension for your Business?

The domain extension is the last part of the website address. Domain extensions are generally referred as .com, .net, .org, .biz.  Different companies have different choices for choosing domain name extensions. As we have discussed in many articles domain extensions are an important part of your website address. Nowadays many professionals use domain name extensions related to their business. We can see different government bodies’ uses domain according to their county name. For example – India uses. in and the United States uses .us etc. Domain extensions is a very important part of your website address. While we are writing this article you will find millions of new domain extensions have registered. And lots of domain extensions are registered.

There are some domain extensions that are developed for an obvious purpose. While many users find it difficult to understand. Some domain extensions are developed for specific tasks: -

Boost Brand – There are many individual companies that use unique domain extensions to sell their product and services. Only such companies invest in a high amount in unique domain extensions.

Website Location – Some domain extensions are useful only for those people who only want to serve in their home country. Such domain extensions use their own language. For example – Czech uses .cz

Restricted Domain Extensions – Different organizations that a certain groups for example educational institution who uses .edu domain extension. If you are planning to run any education institution then you should consider using the .edu domain extension.

Common Domain Extensions: -.

  • com
  • net
  • org
  • biz
  • info
  • in
  • us
  • co

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What type of domain extensions you can opt-out from?

Depending upon your domain extensions you can use any domain extension. But generally, most users prefer to use domain extension that connects with their business. Domain extensions are described in two categories: -

  • Restricted – Restricted domain extensions have some criteria to purchase. As such domain extensions are set for some groups.
  • Unrestricted – Unrestricted domain extensions can be used by any domain extensions without any criteria.

How to choose a domain extension for your business?

  • The idea of Your Web Site – Most important element to consider. You may have to think twice or even thrice. Because this will be the ultimate part of your website. Services or products you will be selling. If you are planning to start a blog you can go with .com or .net domain extension. But if you are planning to start any particular business that should reflect your business model. You should definitely go for a different domain extension.
  • Local TLD (Top Level Domain) – Sudden rise of a top-level domain. You should use domain extension of distinct geographical locations. There are around 200 million country codes available. You should use the local top-level domain extension of your website. For example - .in for India, .us for United States, .ca for Canada.
  • Acknowledge SEO (search engine optimization) – This is another most important aspect of your website. SEO can rank your website very well. Despite other domain extensions .com is a very popular domain extension. You should about SEO before taking any domain extension.