What is the Difference Between Add-on Domains, Subdomains and Parked Domains?

In simple terms, the domain is like network addresses that are used to identify you or your organization on the internet. For selling any products, services or anything you need a domain name. A domain name can be anything. A domain name represents a website address or internet protocol resource. Most users prefer to use the domain name as their company or product name. Domain names are distributed among subordinate levels.

  • Types of Domain Available: -
  • Top-Level Domains (TLD)
  • Country Code Top-Level Domains (cctld)
  • Generic Top-Level Domain (gtld)
  • Second-Level Domains
  • Third-level Domains

Subdomains: -

You might have visit different sections of the website. Websites contain different sections to show all features of the website. You can also see there are lot of sections in eCommerce portals. Because such websites contain a lot of products and services. Different sections of websites are distributed in the form of subdomains. Subdomains are designed to organize different sections of the website.

For example – https://www.htshosting.org contains the below-listed subdomains.

  • Cloud.htshosting.org
  • panel.htshosting.org
  • ftp.htshosting.org
  • Hdfc.htshosting.org
  • Mail.htshosting.org
  • Vps.htshosting.org
  • Webdisk.htshosting.org
  • Webmail.htshosting.org
  • Webserv.htshosting.org

Subdomains organize your website so that users can visit each and every section of the website.

Add-on Domains: -

Add-on domains is a process of adding domains in a single web hosting control panel. Different web control panels offer to add other domains. Administrators can run different domains with large memory space. Add-on domains feature helps in adding new domains from a single control panel. With add-on domains, you can create separate email addresses, forwarders, and different features that are required while setting up add-on domains.

For example – If the primary domain is www.yourdoaminname.com then after adding domains it will be: -

  • yourdomainname.com/newdomains
  • newdoamins.yourdoaminname.com
  • newdomain.com

All the above URLs will be used to visit add-on domain. An Add-on domain is a fully functional domain like the main domain name. 

Parked Domains: -

Parking is like moving a vehicle on the side of the road leaving it unengaged. Same way domain names are also parked. Parked domains are not active and are not used by any user. Parked domains are generally reserved for later use. You can buy domains from www.htshosting.org/register-domain. Many people reserve domain names because of future projects. 

When an individual plan to start their business. They usually purchase and prefer to park their domain. 

There are different reasons that people prefer to park their domains: -

  • Name Reservation – Reserving name is the biggest reason that many individuals choose. Catchy and popular domain names sell very quickly. Many companies are unable to find great domain names that reflect their businesses. Some companies later find out that their desired domain name is already taken. Now it has become very common that people are reserving domain names.
  • Earning with a parked domain – Many individuals prefer to park their domain. They use parked domains through advertising. Different savvy use their parked domains by promoting ads on their parked domains. It is just like affiliate marketing, whenever someone clicks on the ads. You will get a small amount of income from that click. The same method you can do with HTS hosting, the best hosting company in India that provides corporate web hosting, java reseller hosting, Linux dedicated hosting, and other hosting plans.
  • Security from Cybersquatting – When World Wide Web was just started. Many individuals rapidly in the USA started purchasing domain names. Some individuals purchase a lot of domains and then try to sell them in a large amount from the actual amount. This became so popular that the USA had to actually create Anti-cybersquatting.

Conclusion: -

Domains have become very common usage for many users. As they are easy to register. You will find a huge differences between domains.