Selling SSL (Secure Socked Layer)

(SSL) Secure Socket Layer gives standard encryption to any website. The most common way to check if any website is using SSL. HTTPS (HyperText Transfer Protocol Secure), if the website is not using any SSL. It might show as HTTP (HyperText Transfer Protocol). SSL encrypts all sensitive information. Such as – login credentials, transaction pins. Without SSL, all the sensitive information will be transmitted in plain text. Every website owner must go for SSL certificates. As it shows authenticity to the end-user. There are various SSL certificates that are installed on a web server. Depending upon usage, users can opt-out for any SSL certificate.

SSL Optimal Option for Your Website.

Slash Down the Risk of Website Phishing – Nowadays there are many automation tools that are used to create phishing websites. SSL reduces the risk of website phishing.

SEO (Search Engine Optimization) – SEO that every website needs. SSL implementation helps in boosting search engine optimization ranking.

Trusted Website – SSL has become so common. No end-user will open your website without SSL. With SSL, customer easily trusts your website. Simple HTTP website shows the warning. That data user’s transfer might not be secure.

Encrypt your Credentials while making any Transactions – With the ease of online shopping. Most consumers prefer to pay online. SSL on the payment page encrypts all the credentials in 256-bit encryption.

Never go for Open Source SSL Certificates – Many users prefer to use services that are available free. The open-source community does help users to know each and everything. But using freely available SSL certificates can put your data in danger. With paid SSL services, users will get a good amount of encryption.

Why you should go for our SSL certificates?

  • Consumes very little time to set up.
  • Easy to set up.  
  • User-friendly installation.
  • Activation of Certificate
  • Easily update from HTTP to HTTPS 

Make Smart Choice

  • Budget-friendly certificates.
  • Notably fast set-ups.
  • Provides Security to your transactions 
  • 24*7 Support on your queries.

SSL Services FAQ

What is SSL?

SSL establishes a secure connection between a web browser and a server. HTTPS extra S ensures that data transmitted on the website is fully secured and is ready for confidential transactions.

Which port is used in SSL?

Port 443 is the most common port used. Thus, experts recommend using port 443. But SSL certificates can be installed on any website.

Do HTShosting SSL certificates help in SEO ranking?

With SSL certification. Google ranks in a good position for your website.

How to redirect existing users to HTTPS websites?

To redirect existing users to the HTTPS website. Enable the HTTPS feature on your website. Or you can rewrite all the URLs for HTTPS.

Why does your website need SSL?

SSL certification protects data even it travels across different web servers. This helps end-users to proceed by giving their sensitive information on your website. If an end-user is entering personal data, you need to keep such information secure.

Why choose our SSL certification?

HTS hosting is trusted by millions of users across the globe. When our experts assign an SSL certificate to you. We know that our brand will emerge next to your website. We take that as a very serious responsibility and give secured authentication to all sensitive transactions across the internet.