What is WHM? How is it different from WHMCS?

Web Host Manager

Web host manager gives administrative privileges to the user. At the back of Cpanel, the administrator can manage users as well as their permissions. The web host manager gives more control to the handler. Nowadays every website comes with a web host manager. With better managers, management is handled better. With the hosting manager, the administrator can manage different websites, DNS (Domain Name System) Zones to configure different types of DNS records. Creating new user accounts, managing permissions. Web hosting manager also provides root access to web hosting accounts to its users. While handling any website, web hosting managers are also defined as administrators. There are tons of features that web hosting managers can handle.

  • Creating new accounts.
  • Changing permissions.
  • Handling Data.
  • Configuring different IP (Internet Protocol) addresses.
  • Installing and configuring scripts.
  • Backup ongoing services.
  • Configuring and implementing security policies.
  • Listing and suspending different accounts/ subdomains.

With a web host manager, you can manage multiple websites in one place. If your multiple websites are accepting payments through online payments. Then you must use a web hosting manager. Web hosting manager gives an ability to manage bandwidth or disk usage. Due to the high amount of usage, now day’s website owners don’t realize that website could go down. With the ease of a web hosting manager, website owners can manage disk space.

How is it different from WHMCS?

Web host manager complete solution is a complete package for managing websites. As a web host manager complete solution provides many options for managing businesses, billing, and many other support online businesses. With web host manager complete solutions you can manage different integration like payment gateways. Web host manager complete solution has many unique and different features from web host managers. With the ease of payment gateways. Web hosting manager complete solutions come with many security implementations. Because while making any transactions. Users require secure authentication methods to safely complete their transfers. With HTS hosting services complete solutions, you will see ample features to manage your website. Such features give seamless integration while working with any web browser. Web host manager only gives features to manage cpanels, websites. But with Web host manager complete solutions you will be able to complete all your billing and can consume a lot of time. With WHMCS, you can automate your businesses and also manages web development and graphic designing. There are many automation scripts that are used in WHMCS. With our HTS hosting services you can assign different automation tasks. Web host manager and web hosting manager complete solutions come with many differences in terms of managing the website. Having different payment gateways for multiple websites can have become a real pain for its manager but with web host manager complete solutions you can manage the whole system.

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