How to setup custom mails in cPanel so that it doesn't appear in spam inbox?

Every company has own its domain. With a domain, authentic companies always use their own email addresses. For using their own email addresses. They have to register their domain name with a server.

Usage of Email Authentication – There are several ways to verify email addresses. (SPF) Sender policy framework and (DKIM) Domain Key Identified Mail can help its consumer to verify that mail has come from a trusted sender. DKIM is a very popular mail spoof detection system used in verifying emails. It also checks that mail has come from the authorized domain. DKIM checks the digital signature that your mail server uses verified sender’s public key. Sender policy framework treats DNS (Domain Name System) records to prevent email spoofing. SPF uses DNS (Domain Name System) records to detect the sender’s domain and modifications in the email header.

Configure your Domain Name Server with PTR Record – Generally, PTR records are used in reverse DNS lookups. Anti-spam filters are used in reverse DNS to detect domain names email addresses. Configure PTR record with primary IP address with your server. So that you will use hostname with your server.

Follows the Rules of Email Marketing – Before using custom email, you must follow all the rules to not spam when sending any commercial emails. While sending an email follow the below guidelines to not receive your email in spam: -

  • Sending mail without a mailing address.
  • Sending without recipient’s permission.
  • Sending mail with a misleading subject line.
  • Sending mail without including a way for recipients to get opt-out.

Don’t Write Common Phrases – Many transactions are done on email related to different businesses. In recent times we can see many spamming words which are used to spread malicious activities. Therefore, with custom emails avoid using spamming words. You can find spam words on the internet. Don’t use common phrases while sending emails. Spamming subject lines offer users or use greedy techniques in spamming. That doesn’t mean that you can’t send emails with any offers. You can definitely send such offers, but don’t use any spam phrases.

Avoid Using Same Templates - Distributed Checksum Clearinghouse is a method for anti-spam filters. This method finds a common mail template which is appearing many times known as bulk emails. If you want to send an email with the same template. Design your own template and avoid using free templates.

Whitelisting Email Address – Whitelisting email addresses is the most important part before sending any email. Many times Gmail shows the authentic email addresses in its spam folder. These settings are very useful for not getting your email spam. For stopping such spam. Add sender email address to the whitelist. For doing that follow the below steps: -

Click on Show Additional Configuration to show advanced settings.

Select add a new whitelist from the item.

Enter sender’s email address.

Then use wildcards such as “?” for any of the given characters and “*” for multiple characters.

Conclusion: -

Follow the above steps to avoid spamming. With spamming your domain or website might get blacklisted. And you won’t be able to promote your services or products.

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