Why Server Speed is Important for E-Commerce Business?

It is often said that the server speed is considered to be directly proportional to the sales revenue, especially in the e-commerce industry.

So when we talk about e-commerce or online sales, it is vital to keep in mind that we are dealing with folks who don’t want to visit a physical store because of the shortage of time. If you run an e-commerce website that doesn’t solve their problems i.e. saves their time while shopping, then there is no need to have such a website.

If your e-commerce website does not save the customer’s time or forces them to repeatedly click the refresh button, they will probably move to your rival and possibly never return, and the worst part is, they might tell others about their terrible experience with your e-commerce website.

Thus, the combination of great content and a faster website loading speed is the key to more sales and conversions.

Thus, it is necessary to keep the website speed lightning-fast, as it enjoys many benefits, especially for E-commerce businesses:

1. Increases the number of Sales and Conversions

One of the major benefits of lighting fast website speed is the increase in the number of sales and conversions. In other words, the conversion rate of an E-commerce website is influenced by its speed. According to the records, 18 percent of abandoned carts are because of sluggish page load time.

However, a website’s ideal loading time should be less than 3 seconds.

2. Online Customers are Satisfied

People used to be more patient in the past, but nowadays no one wants to wait for anything. For a variety of reasons, the average online user is impatient and prefers to interact in real-time. So, if an E-commerce website loads in less than 3 seconds, it not only impresses the user but also impacts his or her purchasing habits and decision-making process.

Online recommendations and reviews are very crucial for the growth of an e-commerce business.

However, it is stated that word-of-mouth or recommendations from a trusted source have always been an effective form of marketing for online businesses.

3. A good server speed aids in the improvement of SEO rankings

Search engines rankings play a significant role in E-commerce sales. User Experience is one factor that search engines consider when ranking a website. 

However, users are only satisfied if they get what they want. 

A fast-loading web page will always give the visitor a WOW factor. As a result, server speed is interlinked with the website page load time.

There are a number of performance metric tools available to report on the performance of your website speed as well as suggestions for web page improvement. To get faster responses, you can optimize the structure of your code. 

However, you will undoubtedly require hosting power to execute your application quickly for your website to load faster.

It is necessary to choose a fast dedicated server for your e-commerce website.

Choosing the right server for your E-commerce business

The speed of a website is primarily determined by the architecture of your web pages, databases, and hosting servers. Choosing the right type of web hosting can make or break your e-commerce website ranking.

However, there are two types of hosting services available in the market: Shared and dedicated hosting

Shared hosting is reasonably affordable and has limited resources. They are, however, intended for small and low-traffic websites while dedicated hosting is more expensive and provides greater power and performance.

Moreover, businesses are embracing dedicated server technology to increase the speed and power of their e-commerce website.

However, it is necessary to have dedicated hosting for your e-commerce website.

HTS, being one of the best web hosting company offers dedicated server hosting for both Linux and Windows at very competitive pricing with 24*7 customer chat support and high uptime commitment.

With dedicated hosting, a user can benefit from a variety of advantages, including:

  • It allows your website to execute faster and significantly increases its loading speed.
  • Another significant benefit of dedicated hosting is the security of your data files.
  • If you have a popular website, you may notice unexpected traffic spikes at certain times. A dedicated server allows you to handle heavy loads without going down.


So, if you choose the best for your website, you will avoid plenty of problems. These are the key points for having a fast server and how it contributes to a faster loading website.