Differences between HTS Shared Hosting and HTS Dedicated Hosting

The technology-driven age that we live in, has redefined the way of marketing and selling goods, services and products, wherein the Internet is being used more and more for this purpose. In this context, websites offer the best and the most effective platform to increase the reach of developed goods, products and services and multiply the opportunity to generate revenue from sales that happen over the Internet. Since a business website, especially an e-commerce site, represents a business, its mission and vision and its products or services, it needs to be not only designed perfectly but also hosted on the most appropriate web hosting solution offered by a reliable, reputed and professional web hosting company. The importance of selecting the right web hosting solution for a website’s specific hosting requirements cannot be overemphasized. In order to make the right choice, you need to have full information about the various website hosting options that are available to you. That is the purpose of this blog!

Here, you shall find in-depth information on two specific types of web hosting services provided by HTS Hosting, an internationally well-known web hosting service provider that has earned the reputation of being the best Website Hosting Company. These web hosting solutions are HTS Shared Hosting and HTS Dedicated Hosting. The information provided here will help you decide whether the hosting requirements of your site can be best catered to by the former or by the latter.

Websites and Web Hosting

A website is essentially a collection of web pages that are hyperlinked and are about a particular topic or serve a certain definite purpose. These web pages as well as the content of a website are related and are produced by a single entity (person, group of people or organization). A website can be identified by a common domain name and is located under a single domain name. It is published on a web server and can be accessed through a web browser on any Internet-connected device, such as a laptop, tablet, smartphone, etc. Wikipedia.org, BBC.com, etc. are some examples of websites.

Once a website has been created, it needs to be hosted on the web server of a web hosting service provider, such as HTS Hosting, which is renowned globally as the Top Cloud Hosting Company. What is the need for it? It is the web servers which store and process the files of various websites and enable their retrieval by the browsers of site visitors. When these files of websites are retrieved by the browsers of the site visitors, then the websites become accessible to them. Hence, web browsers, an active Internet connection and web servers play an important part in the seamless online accessibility of websites.

The necessary web server space that is required for hosting a website is purchased by the owner of the website from a web hosting company. A web hosting company or a web host offers this server space through various web hosting plans that are part of its web hosting services. It is through web hosting that websites are rendered accessible over the Internet. In web hosting, web server space is provided along with various web hosting features (technologies and services). These web hosting features are essential for ensuring the effectiveness of the hosting service as well as the convenience of the users of the service and include features such as high uptime, user-friendly control panel, fast page loads, powerful security, 24*7 technical support and other beneficial additional features.

The different types of web hosting services that are commonly offered by most of the professional web hosting service providers include Shared Hosting, Dedicated Hosting, Managed VPS Hosting, Self-managed VPS Hosting, Reseller Hosting and WordPress Hosting. Apart from Reseller Hosting, all the aforementioned web hosting services are used to host websites and keep them up and running seamlessly. Reseller Hosting is a web hosting solution wherein the business of web hosting can be started at minimum expenditure as the reseller of the hosting services of established and reputed hosting companies.

Next, we shall describe briefly the services of HTS Hosting, which is an efficient and reliable service provider of different types of web hosting services, and then proceed to elaborating on two of the most popular web hosting solutions offered by HTS Hosting, HTS Shared Hosting and HTS Dedicated Hosting.

HTS Hosting: The Go-To Service Provider of Numerous Website Owners

The efficiency of the highly affordable web hosting services offered by HTS Hosting reflects in its ever-expanding global client base. The fully satisfied customers of HTS Hosting vouch for the peak site performance offered through its wide range of web hosting plans for Linux and for Windows. HTS excels at providing web hosting plans for Shared Hosting, Dedicated Hosting, VPS Hosting (Managed and Self-managed), Reseller Hosting and WordPress Hosting.

HTS Data Centre, is the fully-equipped and totally secure data centre of HTS Hosting which is managed by a well-trained and experienced team and houses the web servers which host the files of its customers. Every HTS server is configured to deliver secure, fast and powerful performance. Since HTS Hosting operates from its own data centre, the efficiency of its services increases significantly. Moreover, its reliability as a service provider is established by the fact that it has in place all the necessary infrastructure and the resources that are needed for delivering the highest standard of web hosting service to its global clientele.

Every web hosting plan that is availed from HTS Hosting, guarantees high uptime, secure service, fast speed, unrivalled performance and comes along with round-the-clock expert technical support and many more features to deliver the best hosting experience and top-tier site performance.

Next, we shall touch upon two of the highly sought-after web hosting services of HTS Hosting, which are HTS Shared Hosting and HTS Dedicated Hosting.

HTS Shared Hosting

If you own a simple site or a blogging site or the site of a small-sized business or if you are facing a situation where your site doesn’t regularly get a large volume of web traffic, then a HTS Shared Hosting plan would be an ideal web hosting solution for your website. The Linux Shared Hosting plans of HTS Hosting as well as its Windows Shared Hosting plans offer every web hosting feature that your site requires for its effective functioning and for remarkable performance. The best part is that these Shared Hosting plans start at prices as low as Rs.31/month and come along with free SSL certificates!

For the uninitiated, Shared Hosting is a type of web hosting service where a single web server is used to host the files of multiple websites. This results in it being the most economical web hosting solution. Multiple websites share server space, a common IP address and server resources in this type of web hosting service. Since several websites exist in a shared server environment, server customization is not possible in Shared Hosting and the hosted sites do not get dedicated server resources. Speed, performance and security related issues do crop up in this type of web hosting, owing to multiple websites sharing server space and resources. This is where HTS Hosting delivers a competitive edge by ensuring that every website hosted through HTS Shared Hosting plans, delivers exceptional performance which is secure and fast.

If your site is less resource-intensive and doesn’t require dedicated server resources then you can opt for any of the feature-rich, economical HTS Shared Hosting plans which are available at heavily discounted prices.

HTS Dedicated Hosting

HTS Dedicated Hosting is a special service that is being offered to the customers of HTS Hosting, wherein every customer has an exclusive IP address. With regard to how the websites are hosted, HTS Dedicated Hosting and HTS Shared Hosting are similar. In HTS Dedicated Hosting, a single server is used to host multiple websites. Hence, here too, web server space and web server resources get shared among multiple websites. Server customization is not possible and the hosted sites do not get dedicated server resources. For those requirements, HTS Hosting provides other web hosting solutions, such as VPS Hosting and the service of availing HTS Dedicated Servers, the details of which are available on the official site of HTS Hosting.

The main difference between the services of HTS Shared Hosting and HTS Dedicated Hosting is that in the former all the hosted sites share a common IP address, whereas in the latter every hosted site has its own, exclusive IP address. If you are looking for the benefits that come along with having an unshared, exclusive IP address, then you have a range of HTS Dedicated Hosting plans to choose from! HTS offers an array of HTS Dedicated Hosting plans that are available at discounted prices and ensure the seamless availability of the hosted sites at fast speed and securely. The expert customer care team of HTS is available round the clock to assist you in choosing the most appropriate plan, as per your requirements and budget.


The presence of an exclusive, unshared IP address is what differentiates HTS Dedicated Hosting from HTS Shared Hosting. Based on your hosting requirements, you can choose between these extremely popular web hosting solutions. Every hosting plan offered by HTS Hosting has been designed to perfection to boost speed and performance of the hosted site and enhance the entire experience of hosting a website for increasing your global reach.