How Shared Hosting Differs from Managed VPS Hosting

With the availability of a plethora of website hosting options, it becomes a daunting task to choose the most appropriate one for hosting your site. It is recommended that you consider your hosting requirements, your budget and the reputability of the service provider, before opting for a particular web hosting solution. But in the absence of thorough knowledge about the various hosting services and how these differ from each other, you might be caught between a rock and a hard place. That is where this blog will come in handy. It contains information on Shared Hosting and Managed VPS Hosting and how these two web hosting solutions differ from each other.

Shared Hosting as a Web Hosting Service

Shared Hosting is a web hosting solution that is a popular hosting option, owing to being the most economical web hosting service. In order to have a better understanding of Shared Hosting or any other web hosting service for that matter, you need to first acquaint yourself with the service of web hosting.

Web hosting is a service that can be purchased as web hosting plans from a professional web hosting company. An example of a well-established and reliable web hosting company is HTS Hosting, which is the Best Website Hosting Company in India as well as in abroad.

As a website owner, you need to look for a reputed web hosting service provider, such as HTS Hosting, that has substantial experience of hosting different types of websites and which provides a wide range of affordably-priced website hosting solutions. Any professional service provider of web hosting services will offer a range of hosting solutions, which are as follows –

Availing web hosting becomes a necessity because it is through this service a website becomes publicly accessible over the Internet. Regardless of the type of website, each and every website has to avail a particular web hosting service and choose from the aforementioned web hosting solutions, depending on its hosting requirement.

Every web hosting plan offers web server space on a server of the service provider, along with a set of web hosting features. The server space is utilized for storing websites’ files. The web server on which a site is hosted, processes the files of the site and receives as well as responds to the incoming requests of browsers by locating the files of the hosted website in its storage and makes those available to the browsers. Once the files are retrieved by the browser, then the website becomes accessible to the site visitor who is using that browser. Hence, it becomes a necessity for every website to be hosted on a web server, in order to remain seamlessly accessible online. The web hosting companies have all the necessary resources and the infrastructure that are required to keep a website up and running. Here, it needs to be mentioned that HTS Hosting successfully delivers a competitive edge to your hosted site, over many other web hosting companies, as it offers its expert services from its well-managed, fully-secure and well-equipped data centre, HTS Data Centre.

To return to our topic of Shared Hosting as a web hosting service, it is a highly economical web hosting solution, as many websites share server space on a single web server in this type of web hosting. A single web server is used to host multiple websites in Shared Hosting.That is why the server used in shared hosting, which is referred to as a shared server, is responsible for effectively storing and processing the files of all the websites that are hosted on a shared web server.

When you avail any Shared Hosting plan, your site gets shared server space, shared IP address and shared server resources. Moreover, due to the presence of multiple sites on the web server, it is not possible to customize the web server, as per the requirement of any particular hosted website. If you want to do away with these limitations of Shared Hosting and that too through a web hosting solution which is convenient and not too expensive to avail, then Managed VPS Hosting is just what you need. Additionally, the frequently encountered issues in Shared Hosting, that of slow site speed and security concerns, get mitigated in Managed VPS Hosting.

The main benefit of using Shared Hosting is that it offers the most economical web hosting solution. This helps anyone with budget constraints to host his site at minimum expense and reap the benefits of having an online presence through a website. If you are looking for a reliable and efficient Shared Hosting plan, then you should not overlook the Shared Hosting plans of HTS Hosting, which are full of features and start at Rs.31/month and also come along with free SSL certificates. As the Best Windows Hosting Company and the Best Linux Hosting Company, HTS Hosting, offers excellent value for money hosting solutions for not only Shared Hosting but also all types of web hosting services for Linux and Windows.

What is Managed VPS Hosting?

Dedicated server resources, dedicated IP address, dedicated web server space, flexibility to install own software and operating system, enhanced site speed, augmented site security, powerful performance and a web server that is managed, maintained, kept updated and secure by the expert team of the service provider are some of the benefits that a Managed VPS Hosting plan delivers.

Managed VPS Hosting is a type of VPS Hosting service which uses Virtual Private Servers (VPS) as web servers, which are managed by the service provider, for hosting the files of multiple sites on each VPS. Virtualization Technology is used in a VPS to virtually create multiple, isolated, servers on a single physical web server. Each of these virtually-created servers, which is private, can host a website, and is configured to install its own software and OS.

Server space on a VPS is availed by a site that requires dedicated server resources, dedicated IP address, dedicated server space, server customization and the other above-mentioned features, at a lesser price than availing a dedicated server. That is because a Virtual Private Server is equipped to deliver the environment of a dedicated server to each of the sites hosted in a shared server space. Since multiple sites are hosted on a VPS, the price for availing a VPS Hosting plan is less than that for availing a plan for hosting your site on a dedicated server.

The Virtual Private Servers used in VPS Hosting can either be a Managed VPS or a Self-managed VPS. The former is managed by the service provider, whereas the latter is provided by the service provider but is managed by the user without any assistance from the service provider. You can purchase a VPS Hosting plan as one of the following –

  • Linux Managed VPS Hosting
  • Linux Self-Managed VPS Hosting
  • Windows Managed VPS Hosting
  • Windows Self-Managed VPS Hosting

The below-mentioned attributes are not only the key attributes of a Managed VPS Hosting solution but also describe how this type of web hosting differs from Shared Hosting –

  • Availability of a dedicated IP address
  • Availability of dedicated server resources
  • Availability of dedicated server space
  • Server customization, as in installation of software and operating system
  • Enhanced website performance, speed and security
  • Use of Virtualization Technology

When you avail Managed VPS Hosting rather than Self-managed VPS Hosting, then in addition to the above-mentioned features, you also get the benefit of having your service provider manage and keep your VPS fully updated and secure at all times.


You need to choose between Shared Hosting and Managed VPS Hosting based on your site’s hosting requirements. If your website requires dedicated server resources, dedicated IP address, dedicated server space, server customization, etc., and you want the service provider to manage your server,then you should opt for a Managed VPS Hosting plan.

Managed VPS Hosting is an excellent value-for-money hosting option for resource-intensive sites and for sites that have specific need for enhanced server speed and security. On the other hand, if you own a less resource-intensive site and you are looking for a highly economical web hosting solution for it, then Shared Hosting will serve you well.

HTS Hosting excels at providing feature-rich hosting services to meet the hosting requirements of various types of websites and offers a wide range of Linux and Windows plans for Shared Hosting and Managed VPS Hosting. These plans are available at heavily discounted prices and offer high uptime, fast speed, powerful security, 24*7 technical support, peak site performance and much more.