Using MyDNS-NG

If you are curious about MyDNS-NG, then let us aid in enhancing your knowledge about it, and provide you all the information regarding how you can use it.

MyDNS-NG (MyDNS) refers to DNS server software that is meant for Linux servers. A database is used by MyDNS for storing the DNS zone files of a server. This enables it to manage efficiently a huge volume (hundreds of thousands) of zone records. 

The minimum configuration that is required by MyDNS to run on a cPanel & WHM server is mentioned below.

  • Version 11.32 or any later version of cPanel & WHM. 
  • MySQL version 5.0 or its later versions. 
  • BIND

BIND is not removed from the system by MyDNS. The BIND service is required by cPanel & WHM. Moreover, MyDNS doesn’t support Domain Name System Security Extensions (DNSSEC) or PostgreSQL. 

Here, it needs to be mentioned that the MyDNS and NSD nameservers in version 78 of cPanel & WHM have been deprecated. It is strongly recommended that users migrate to PowerDNS. 

Installation of MyDNS 

At present, MyDNS cannot be installed during the cPanel & WHM installation process. 

Installation of MyDNS through the WHM Interface 

You need to carry out the following steps in order to install MyDNS through the WHM interface. 

1. Navigate to the Nameserver Selection interface in WHM. 

WHM >> Home >> Service Configuration >> Nameserver Selection. 

2. Select MyDNS.

3. Click Save. 

Installation of MyDNS through the Command Line

You need to run the following command as the root user, in order to install MyDNS through the command line.

/scripts/setupnameserver mydns

Return to MyDNS from Another DNS Server

You need to run a forced DNS import, and then restart MyDNS, when you change to a different DNS server, and subsequently change back to MyDNS. 

You should carry out the below-mentioned steps.

1. You need to run the following command to force a DNS import. This has to be performed as the root user. 

/scripts/importmydnsdb - - force

This script clears the rr database table. This causes DNS lookup errors until that table is refreshed by your server.

A confirmation email is received once this command finishes. You should not proceed further until you receive such an email. 

2. Now, you need to run the below-mentioned command to restart MyDNS. This has to be done as the root user. 


MyDNS on Your Server 

MyDNS is installed by the system to the /usr/local/cpanel/3rdparty/ directory. Post the installation, the system syncs the zone files that are in the /var/named/ directory with the records in the MyDNS database.

Every server, which uses MyDNS, has its own MySQL database for MyDNS. The database name of the server corresponds to the mydns_hostname format. In it, the hostname represents the hostname of the server. 

MyDNS on Remote MySQL Servers 

cPanel & WHM’s implementation of MyDNS is able to function with a remote MySQL server.

You need to carry out the following steps to set up the connection to the remote MySQL server. 

1. Navigate to Manage MySQL Profiles interface in WHM.

WHM >> Home >> SQL Services >> Setup Remote MySQL Server. 

2.When MyDNS is run on a dedicated MySQL server, each server that is connected, maintains its own database of zone files. These zone files are retrieved by the MySQL server. No central copy of these files is retained. 

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