When to Choose VPS Hosting over Shared Hosting?

The Internet has witnessed a rapid growth from merely a single website in 1991 to over a billion websites that exist in the present-day scenario. Each of these, over a billion websites, is hosted on the web server of some web hosting company or the other. Different web hosting solutions are used for that purpose. VPS Hosting and Shared Hosting being two of the many web hosting solutions that are available for hosting different websites.

When should you prefer VPS Hosting to Shared Hosting? Please continue reading this blog, which is teeming with useful information about hosting a website, to find the answer to it.

The Requirement for Different Web Hosting Solutions

Websites exist to serve a purpose. For example, an informative site, such as a blog, is meant to enhance your knowledge about the niche that it was created to cater to. On the other hand, an e-commerce site facilitates the sale of goods, products and/or services by providing an online platform through which sales can take place globally and conveniently.

Since different types of websites exist, there cannot be a one-size-fits-all web hosting solution. Every website has its unique set of hosting requirements. Moreover, every website owner has his/her budget for availing hosting services. These are the main reasons because of which different types of web hosting solutions or web hosting services are made available. The availability of a number of website hosting solutions, such as Shared Hosting, VPS Hosting, WordPress Hosting, Dedicated Hosting andReseller Hosting is meant for fulfilling the hosting needs of various types of websites.

These website hosting solutions are provided by web hosting companies. Every reliable web hosting company offers a range of web hosting solutions, through web hosting plans. Website owners need to take into account at least the following factors, prior to opting for any web hosting service –

  • The hosting requirements of the website to be hosted
  • Budget for availing the service of hosting
  • Reputability of the service provider

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The Essential Role of Web Hosting

Regardless of the types of web hosting services that exist, the purpose that these serve, is the same. Every website hosting solution is meant for rendering websites accessible to site visitors,by hosting the files of websites on web servers and by making these files available to the browsers of site visitors for their convenient retrieval. Once the hosted files are delivered over an active Internet connection to the devices of the site visitors that want to browse that website, the site becomes accessible to them. It can be said that web hosting plays the most important part in ensuring that websites are seamlessly available to us, the site visitors.

The plans that are purchased from web hosting companies by the owners of websites, include web server space and web hosting features. The former is used to store and process the files of the websites that are hosted on that particular web server. The latter, which are the web hosting features, are meant for ensuring the efficiency of the hosting service as well as the convenience of the users of web hosting services. You should always opt for web hosting plans that have the right features that are needed by your website for its effective functioning. Some of the hosting features that every website needs are fast page loads, high uptime, powerful security, SSD, easy to use control panel and 24*7 technical support.

The role of web servers in web hosting is to store and process the files of websites, as well as to receive and adequately respond to the requests of the browsers of website visitors for the web pages of the hosted sites.

Different types of hosting solutions primarily differ from each other based on whether these host a single website on a web server or multiple websites on a single web server. Let us elaborate on it next.

What are Shared Hosting and VPS Hosting?

Both, Shared Hosting and VPS Hosting, are two such web hosting solutions that are capable of hosting multiple websites on a single web server. Despite being services that host multiple websites on a server, these are totally different from each other.

In Shared Hosting, a single web server stores and processes the files of many hosted websites. Here, server space, server resources and the IP address get shared among all the hosted sites. There is no possibility to customize the server. It can cause speed, security and performance related issues for the hosted sites due to the shared server environment.

Its major benefit is that it is the most economical hosting solution. That is why, those with less budget as well as sites that are simple and less resource-intensive and which do not need dedicated server resources, server customization or a dedicated IP, opt for Shared Hosting. The highly efficient, safe and fast Shared Hosting services of HTS Hosting are available for both Linux and for Windows and start from merely Rs.31/month. You can speak with the expert customer care team of HTS Hosting, at any time, to seek assistance in selecting your hosting plan.

In VPS Hosting, wherein Virtual Private Servers (VPS) are used, Virtualization Technology makes it possible to offer dedicated server resources, dedicated server space, dedicated IP address, and the flexibility to customize the web server, to each of the multiple sites that are hosted on the same web server. The result is enhanced server speed, performance and security. Contrary to Shared Hosting, VPS Hosting is meant for resource-intensive sites, websites that require dedicated server resources and sites that strictly require augmented speed and security.

Managed VPS Hosting and Unmanaged or Self-managed VPS Hosting are two types of VPS Hosting services that you can choose from. Your VPS is provided and managed by your service provider in Managed VPS Hosting, whereas it is provided by your service provider but is managed by you, as its user, in Unmanaged or Self-managed VPS Hosting. You should not overlook this factor while choosing your VPS Hosting plan.

HTS Hosting offers feature-rich VPS Hosting plans in the form of Linux Managed VPS Hosting, Windows Managed VPS Hosting, Linux Self-managed VPS Hosting and as Windows Self-managed VPS Hosting, which are available at discounted prices.

Since multiple websites are hosted on a single web server in Shared Hosting and VPS Hosting, the hosting plans for both these services are comparatively less expensive than the plans for availing space on a dedicated server, wherein a single server hosts a single website.

Now that you know how Shared Hosting is similar to VPS Hosting (hosting of several sites on a single server) and how these two hosting solutions are different from each other (absence and presence of dedicated server resources, dedicated IP address, dedicated server space, server customization, etc., respectively); it is time to find out the hosting scenarios where it is better to opt for VPS Hosting and not Shared Hosting.

When Is VPS Hosting Preferred to Shared Hosting?

Due to the shared server environment in Shared Hosting, site speed, performance and security can get adversely impacted. If you want to avoid these issues and you need a less expensive hosting solution than opting for a dedicated server, then your best bet is VPS Hosting.

Some of the other situations where a VPS Hosting plan should be preferred to a Shared Hosting plan are being mentioned below –

  • Requirement of server customization, dedicated server resources, dedicated IP address and dedicated server space
  • Need for exceptionally fast speed, powerful performance and augmented security
  • For fulfilling the hosting requirements of resource-intensive sites and business-critical applications
  • For gaining full control over server management, which is provided in Self-managed VPS Hosting
  • For hosting revenue-generating sites, complex sites and the sites of large organizations
  • For hosting such sites that get a lot of web traffic

You can avail the most budget-friendly and reliable hosting services from HTS Hosting, including a wide variety of plans for Shared Hosting and Managed VPS Hosting as well as for Self-managed VPS Hosting, that will ensure the best website hosting experience for you.