Hosting Services Provided by HTS Hosting

The steps that need to be followed to ensure seamless, secure and speedy access to your website, involve availing the service of website hosting from a reliable and reputed web hosting company. How can you avail this service? What does web hosting, as a service, entail? What are the web hosting services that are provided by HTS Hosting? Why should you choose HTS Hosting, which is well-known as the best web hosting company, as your preferred web hosting service provider? As you continue reading, you will find answers to these questions and much more information that will prove to be useful.

Everything that You Need to Know about Web Hosting

In this digital age, where we are using the Internet extensively for various purposes, the number of websites that can be accessed online is increasing steadily. It is the service of web hosting that makes it possible to access each of the websites that can be found on the World Wide Web. This service is provided by service providers that are referred to as web hosting companies. One of the most popular web hosting companies is HTS Hosting, which is trusted globally, owing to the exceptional quality of service that it offers at the most affordable prices.

Web hosting can be availed as a paid service from various web hosting service providers, such as HTS Hosting, that sell a range of web hosting services through plans that are priced differently. One of these readily available web hosting plans, needs to be purchased by a website owner, based on his budget and hosting requirements, in order to render his site accessible online.

Once an appropriate web hosting package has been availed, the files of that website, which has availed this service, get stored on the web server of the web hosting company from which the service has been availed. These files are not only stored on the web server but also get processed on it, based on the incoming requests that are received by the server from the browsers of site visitors. These requests are generated when site visitors use their browsers to visit the website. Subsequently, the browsers of the site visitors communicate with the server in this regard. This process happens over the Internet. Once the requests for the website’s content’s accessibility are received, the web server locates the files of the website in its storage and processes those. The processed files are then retrieved by the browsers, which had initiated communication with the server for the same. With this, the website’s pages are rendered accessible to the site visitors. This is how the service of web hosting proves to be instrumental in making websites available online, by providing the necessary server space for storing and processing the files of sites, as well as providing the technologies and services that are needed for this purpose.

Regardless of the type of website, whether it is an e-commerce site or a blogging site or the site of a big organization, every website needs to avail the service of web hosting from a professional web hosting company, in order to remain seamlessly accessible over the Internet. Web hosting can be availed as Shared Hosting, Dedicated Hosting, VPS Hosting, Reseller Hosting and WordPress Hosting. All these different types of web hosting services are available through a range of plans.

With the number of active websites always on the rise, the demand for the service of web hosting is witnessing an unprecedented increase. As more and more web hosting companies emerge in the competitive arena of web hosting and offer similar services at similar price ranges, choosing an efficient service provider becomes challenging. This is especially true for those customers that do not have in-depth knowledge about the web hosting sector. So, how can you choose an ideal service provider? Let us touch on it, in brief.

As a prospective user of the service of web hosting, you need to ascertain the professionalism, efficiency and reputability of the service provider that you want to avail service from. Thorough research needs to be done in this regard, wherein genuine online reviews can prove to be of great help. Next, you need to make sure that the service provider offers such web hosting plans that can effectively cater to your specific hosting requirements and your budget. Do not forget to check the presence of high uptime, fast speed, secure hosting, SSD, user-friendly control panel, data backup facility and 24*7 technical support, among other features, in your chosen web hosting plan.

HTS Hosting has emerged as the most trusted and popular web hosting company globally, as it not only provides the highest quality of service for the peak performance of the hosted sites along with their seamless accessibility, but also very affordably-priced plans. What are the hosting services offered by HTS Hosting? The answer to this is next.

Wide Range of Services offered by HTS Hosting

HTS Hosting has been delivering efficient and value for money web hosting services to an ever-increasing customer base. These services excel at keeping the hosted sites up and running seamlessly and accessible securely at fast speed. HTS operates from its well-equipped and well-managed, state-of-the-art data centre to offer the highest standard of hosting services at low prices.

A wide range of web hosting services are provided by HTS Hosting, through web hosting plans that can be availed at discounted prices. These feature-rich web hosting plans can be availed for both, Linux and Windows. Let us run you through the different types of web hosting services that are offered by HTS.

* Shared Hosting – HTS Hosting provides you the most economical web hosting solution to host your site by availing the service of Shared Hosting, wherein web hosting plans start at prices as low as Rs.31/month. This proves to be especially beneficial for those that have less budget for availing the service of web hosting.

In Shared Hosting, a single web server hosts multiple websites, which results in sharing of server space and server resources among multiple sites. The usual issues of slow site speed and concerns related to security, which are caused by shared server environment, are not encountered when Shared Hosting is availed from HTS Hosting. The fully-secure and fast servers of HTS Hosting ensure that the hosted sites deliver top-notch performance, despite the shared server environment, and function securely and speedily. All the feature-rich plans of Shared Hosting offered by HTS Hosting include free SSL certificates and excel at delivering high uptime, fast page loads, powerful security and much more at highly discounted prices.

* Dedicated Hosting – Dedicated Hosting is a service that is availed by such sites which are resource-intensive and need dedicated server resources for their effective functioning and also by those sites which have strict requirements for speed, security, server customization and performance. All these needs are perfectly met by the powerfully configured dedicated servers of HTS Hosting. Enhanced site speed, ace site performance, augmented security, the convenience to customize the server at will, and many more features are included in all the Dedicated Hosting plans offered by HTS Hosting.

By hosting a single site on a single server, Dedicated Hosting provides the ultimate hosting solution to boost site performance, speed and security. HTS Hosting offers Dedicated Hosting plans at highly affordable prices, which deliver unrivalled performance for the uninterrupted online availability of the hosted sites.

* VPS Hosting – The Virtual Private Servers (VPS) of HTS Hosting offer a cost-effective solution to avail dedicated server resources without having to opt for Dedicated Hosting. The usual benefits of VPS Hosting can be reaped, at discounted prices, by availing VPS Hosting from HTS Hosting. In VPS Hosting, a shared server is virtually partitioned into multiple, isolated, independent, private servers, using Virtualization Technology. This enables the creation of a dedicated server environment on a shared server to offer faster speed, better security and remarkable site performance to the sites availing the service of VPS Hosting. HTS Hosting offers low-priced, feature-rich and highly efficient plans for all types of VPS Hosting, which include managed and unmanaged VPS Hosting services for Linux and Windows.

* Reseller Hosting - HTS Hosting equips the resellers of web hosting services with highly efficient Reseller Hosting plans at budget-friendly prices, which have been designed prioritizing the specific hosting requirements of resellers. These plans are full of features which prove to be beneficial for those availing Reseller Hosting from HTS Hosting. As a reseller of the popular web hosting services of HTS, you can earn substantial profits by availing low-priced solutions and reselling those at higher prices.

* WordPress Hosting – WordPress Hosting caters to the hosting requirements of WordPress sites, especially with regard to such sites’ security and performance needs. HTS, with its extensive experience in the field of web hosting, recognizes the importance of offering a specialized hosting service to WordPress sites, through its perfectly designed WordPress Hosting plans which are available at affordable prices.

HTS Hosting offers a range of web hosting plans for the aforementioned web hosting services. All the plans include the exceptional customer care service of HTS Hosting, which prioritizes customer satisfaction. The professional web hosting services of HTS Hosting are highly sought after by global customers, owing to the services’ affordability, outstanding performance and excellent service.