What Do You Need to Know Before Getting an SSL?

SSL (Secure socket layer) is a widely used protocol used as cryptography protocol to provide security on web applications. SSL is a successor of transport layer security in 1999. SSL provides secure encryption between a web browser and the webserver. While transmitting data between a web browser and the webserver all data is transmitted in ciphertext form. SSL protocol helps the web application to authenticate all the inputs of the web application. There are a lot of things you should be very well known before choosing any SSL certificate.

SSL (Secure Socket Layer) brief history: -

  • SSL v1 (1994) was developed by Netscape Communications.
  • Upgraded to SSL v2 in 1994.

SSL provides: -

  • Encryption of session
  • Authentication of server
  • In 1995 upgraded to SSL v3.

SSL is a transport layer protocol that requires interaction while establishing a secure connection. Web application displays with browser padlock and if extended validation is implemented. The whole address bar displays a padlock and a green bar. This provides much more confidence to the user while entering their credentials.

Web control panels offer different SSL encryption. Like cPanel has different types of SSL.

  • RSA, 2,048 bit
  • ECDSA, P -384 (secp384r1)
  • ECDSA, P-256 (prime256v1)
  • RSA, 4,096-bit

An unsecure web application starts with http:// and secure web application starts with https://

  • http:// runs on port 80
  • https:// runs on port 443

There are almost least known who are not using SSL on their website. Most companies use SSL. Unsecure websites could lead to sensitive information disclosure. Almost every company uses SSL encryption on their web application. The below screenshot shows that google.com is verified by Google Trust Services

There are a lot of other factors that are involved before getting an SSL. Another example you can see is that htshosting.org is using let’s encrypt SSL.

Above you can see that let’s encrypt SSL certification. Let’s Encrypt SSL uses ACME protocol. Let’s Encrypt is Trusted with over 240 million websites. For exchanging critical information like credit/debit card details, login credentials, and other sensitive information that could lead cybercriminals to eavesdropping attacks. SSL ensures that all sensitive information is transmitted in encryption form. 

Below listed companies that provide fully secure SSL certifications: -

  • let's encrypt
  • Symantec
  • geo trust
  • htshosting
  • Comodo
  • digicert
  • thawte
  • Rapidsslonline

Choosing the most secured and reliable SSL certificate is completely depends on website owners. You may see the padlock sign on the address bar. But you may not aware of what security you are getting. Make sure to check all the encryption of the website. You will find complete documentation of the above-listed companies on their website. If you are owning an eCommerce website. Then strong is encryption is required. Many companies only show the hype of SSL security. But they don’t provide any security at all. But with HTS, is the best hosting company that provides different hosting plans, as well as affordable dedicated server plans like – Linux, dedicated hosting, best java dedicated server. HTS hosting provides the best SSL certificates with reasonable hosting plans.