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What is a TLD? 

The term “TLD” is the abbreviation for a Top-level Domain. It is one of the domains that is at the highest level in the Internet’s hierarchical DNS (Domain Name System), after the root domain. These top-level domain names are installed in the name spaces’ root zone. A TLD is a domain name’s last part for all domains in lower levels. So, for a fully qualified domain name, it is the last non empty label. For example, in the domain name “www.example.biz” the top-level domain is “.biz”. The IGF (Internet Governance Forum), which is an Internet multi-stakeholder community, delegates the responsibility with regard to the management of most of the TLDs to specific organisations. The Internet Governance Forum operates the IANA (Internet Assigned Numbers Authority), and it is in charge of ensuring the maintenance of the DNS root zone. Some of the most popular TLDs are .com, .net, .org, .edu, .gov, .biz, etc. 

  • gTLDs

gTLD stands for Generic Top-level Domain. It refers to one of the categories of TLDs (Top-level Domains) that has three or more characters in the name, and is maintained by the IANA. It is used in the Internet’s Domain Name System. The core group of gTLDs is designated as restricted. This is because registrations within them need proof of eligibility as per the guidelines that have been set for each of these.

The group of generic top-level domains includes domains that are sponsored by designated agencies or organisations, and are restricted to specific types of registrants.

  • .biz gTLD 

The target market for the gTLD, .biz, is business. It is a generic top-level domain in the Internet’s Domain Name System. “.biz”, which is a phonetic spelling of the initial syllable of the word “business”, is meant for the registration of such domains that are to be used by businesses. 

The .biz gTLD is an open TLD. Hence, any person/entity has the permission to opt/register for it. But any such registration can be challenged later, if it is not held by a commercial entity, and in accordance with the charter of the domain. This TLD provides relief for the .com TLD, under which many names have been already registered. “.biz” domains are meant to be used only by business or for commercial purposes.

The main benefit offered by the .biz domain is that it ensures the availability of a desired website name when its .com and .net versions are already taken. It is usually much easier to get a domain name with a .biz extension than the traditional extension of .com.

There is another advantage of using the .biz domain extension. It ensures that your web traffic is able to assess quickly the nature of your website as being commercial. Hence, opting for a .biz domain, rather than any other TLD, proves to be useful for businesses of any size and from any sector.

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