Website Data That’s Always Available: Introducing Data Backup Service

You probably have backups of your local computer. There are ample amount of ways to store and retrieve backups of local computer. Data backups are very crucial part for your files. Earlier we have discussed about backup services importance. Website owners must consider data backups especially for their website. Regular backups can help website owners to help them from errors. Because such backups can help in different situations. HTS best hosting company in India introduces data backup service. This helps our customers to stay up to date from their data and backups can help them in any irrelevant situations. Currently we are providing different back up plans for your website.

Website backup is like creating another copy of your website data. Website backup includes – back-end code, front-end pages – html, js files. And other media content of your website that contains images, videos. Having an data backup will help you to restore your files as fast as possible. Different users have different websites running. CMS (content management system), CMS holds lot of data related to written form, images, videos. Many hosting companies don’t even provide data backup service for their clients. They only backup only backup the necessary files. But in HTS, we provide complete backup facility.

HTS Data Backup Services: -

According to HTS hosting, server, VPS plans, we provide data backups for your data. We have distributed data backup space according to the storage space we provide with HTS plans. Below you can check out HTS hosting backup space with listed HTS plans.

Our HTS Backup plans: -

Shared Hosting

Shared Hosting Plan Backup Space
Basic 2 GB
Advance 5 GB
Business 20 GB
Professional 100 GB

*both Linux and Windows Shared Hosting plans included.

Dedicated Hosting

Dedicated Hosting Plan Backup Space
Basic 2 GB
Advance 5 GB
Business 20 GB
Professional 100 GB

*both Linux and Windows Dedicated Hosting Plans included.

Reseller Hosting

Reseller Hosting Plan Backup Space
Basic 20 GB
Advance 40 GB
Business 100 GB
Professional 150 GB

*both Linux and Windows Reseller Hosting Plans included.

Virtual Private Server

VPS Hosting Plan Backup Space
Basic 40 GB
Advance 80 GB
Business 160 GB
Professional 200 GB

*Windows Managed VPS, Linux Managed VPS, Windows Self-Managed VPS and Linux Self-Managed VPS Plans included.

VPS (Virtual Private Server) backups are generally knows as snapshots. HTS take snapshots in the form of .img file format. Thus, all the backups are kept fully secured.

HTS hosting forms new backups monthly, daily and weekly based on periods within the plans. For hosting, reseller plans we provide backups daily, weekly and monthly. And for VPS (virtual private server) we provide backup daily and monthly basis.

Lastly, backups are important for your websites. Website backups can help in different situations.