Free SSL Certificates On All Linux Dedicated Hosting Plans

HTS Hosting, a globally renowned and leading web hosting service provider, has been the most popular choice for availing the service of Dedicated Hosting by businesses and individuals from all over the world. HTS Hosting owes its constantly growing popularity and rapid increase in clientele to its top-tier quality of service and its highly efficient and affordable plans that are meticulously designed to meet every type of hosting requirement.

HTS Hosting is committed to ensure the most convenient hosting experience for all of our clients. Now, our clients, who avail any of our plans for Linux Dedicated Hosting will reap the benefits of free SSL certificate as part of their web hosting packages. Yes, you read it right! When you avail a Linux Dedicated Hosting plan from us, your plan includes free SSL certificate that will aid in bolstering your site’s security as well ensure the numerous benefits that come along with using an SSL certificate. 

HTS Hosting’s Dedicated Hosting plans are an ideal web hosting solution that meet your requirements for enhanced speed, security, and performance perfectly. When you avail any of our extremely affordable and feature-rich dedicated hosting plans, you sign up for not only a cost-effective, and reliable dedicated hosting solution but also an exceptionally superior quality of service.

Our dedicated hosting plans are highly sought after by organizations of all sizes and from various sectors, as well as by individuals. All of our competitively priced dedicated hosting plans are equally effective in providing the highest uptime and availability, along with fast page loading, and an outstanding performance. Our experience and expertise in providing hosting services ensure that your site always has high uptime, and it remains up and running uninterruptedly. Moreover, the servers that we provide are equipped with SSD, and are fully secure and powerfully configured to ensure that our clients have the best and the most seamless hosting experience at all times.

HTS Hosting has its own data centre that is efficiently managed by a professional and competent team of IT experts. These professionals are well versed in matters related to server security, server maintenance and management. All our servers function under the watchful eye of proficient IT professionals, and this ensures their reliable, secure and stable performance. HTS Hosting especially emphasises the security aspect of hosting and prevention of data loss. That’s why, we have in place the latest security measures, and we follow all the cybersecurity best practices to ensure that our servers and our clients’ accounts remain thoroughly protected at all times. Moreover, we provide data backup facility, so that our clients never lose their valuable data, and they have a quick and convenient solution ready to recover their data easily, if they need to. Additionally, all our clients can access promptly expert technical support at any time, if they face any technical issue that has to do with hosting. Our well-trained customer support team is always available to assist our global clients immediately with their queries and resolve their hosting related issues swiftly.

Fast loading time, unrivalled speed, greater flexibility as well as control over your server, powerful performance that is stable and reliable, high uptime, along with robust security; if that’s what you are looking for, then HTS Hosting guarantees you all of it, and much more. When you avail our service you will experience augmented performance at budget-friendly prices. Boost your website’s performance now by opting for our Linux Dedicated Hosting plans that come along with Free SSL certificate, and experience our top-tier quality of service and superlative web hosting.