Powerfully Configured Dedicated Servers At Discounted Prices

Since its inception, HTS Hosting has been successfully providing top-tier quality of web hosting service at very affordable prices to innumerable clients from all over the world, that include businesses of every size and from various industries as well as individuals. An outstanding quality of service provided by HTS Hosting, paired with its budget-friendly plans, has ensured that it retains its worldwide reputation of being the most trusted, and globally preferred hosting service provider for those that need efficient and low cost web hosting, and fully secure and fast web servers.

So, what is web hosting, and what are web servers? For the benefit of our readers, let us explain these terms first, and then proceed further. 

Web Hosting and Web Servers 

Web hosting is a service, which is provided by web hosting service providers, that are also known as web hosts. The function of web hosting is to provide all the necessary technologies and services, along with server space to host the files of websites, in order to ensure online availability of websites. It is the service of web hosting that not only renders websites accessible, but also keeps them functioning properly, securely, speedily, and without any interruption.

The files (content) of various websites are stored on the servers of web hosting companies. These servers are known as web servers. These servers accept and fulfil the requests of clients (browsers and mobile applications) for web content, which are made over the Internet. Once a request for a particular web content is received by a web server, it lets the browser or the mobile application from where the request had originated, access the relevant web content that is stored on the server. In this way, the service of web hosting connects users of Internet connected devices to the web content stored on the web servers.

The purpose of web hosting is not merely limited to making websites accessible over the Internet. It includes the responsibility of ensuring seamless online availability of websites. In this context, most of the professional, highly reliable and well-known hosting service providers, such as HTS Hosting, provide a constantly high uptime. This makes sure that the websites hosted on our secure and fast servers can be easily and quickly accessed all the time, without facing any difficulty or service interruption. All of our web servers use SSD, and ensure fast page loading. The combination of availability of a persistently high uptime, along with fast page loading, and fully secure hosting service that keeps the hosted data thoroughly secure, enhances the user experience of the sites that are using our expert services.

This smooth, uninterrupted, fast, and secure functioning of sites helps them with regard to getting high web traffic; which every website owner aims at attaining. Apart from the enhanced user experience of sites, owing to their high availability and speed, our hosting service focuses on data security. An expert and extensively experienced team of IT professionals takes care of server security, along with the management and maintenance of our servers in our data centre, and implements all the latest security measures as well as follows the best practices in this regard.

Moreover, we have data backup facility, which can be easily availed, to ensure that valuable data is never lost. Additionally, we have a well-trained, dedicated team of customer care agents that work round the clock to assist our clients with their queries, and resolve their issues without any delay. This also plays a significant role in keeping websites up and running without any hindrance as technical support is available at all times. Our hosting plans deliver high uptime, fast page loading speed, security, availability of round the clock customer care service, data backup facility, and many other features, at the most affordable prices along with an excellent quality of service. That’s the reason for the global popularity of our services. Our highly satisfied clients that reside in various parts of the world, frequently refer to HTS Hosting as the, “Best Hosting Company” or as the “Best Windows Hosting Company” or as the “Best Website Hosting Company”. 

HTS Hosting provides all types of hosting services (shared, dedicated, VPS, reseller, cloud, and WordPress), as well servers for business and individual use. Efficiency and affordability define our services. This rings true for all our plans for dedicated servers as well. Let us disseminate information on our dedicated servers that are in high demand.

HTS Hosting’s Dedicated Servers

A dedicated server refers to an enterprise-grade physical server, which is used for hosting the data of a single client. Unlike the resources of a shared server, the resources of a dedicated server are meant for the use of a single client. Hence the term “dedicated” is used for these servers. In this type of service, the entire resources of a single server are meant for the exclusive use of a single client. This ensures enhanced security, speed, and site performance, along with flexibility with regard to customizing the server, and greater control to optimize it for specific requirements. Since every server has a unique IP (Internet Protocol) address, when one avails a dedicated server one gets one’s own unique IP address.

Dedicated servers are an ideal option for websites that receive high traffic, and/or need significant amount of customization, resources, and security. These servers are also highly effective options for online business sites that generate revenue, business critical applications, large enterprises, and sites of businesses that anticipate growth spurt.

HTS Hosting provides various extremely affordable plans for both, Windows and Linux-based dedicated servers. You can avail these efficient, and secure dedicated servers to get a stable, reliable and speedy performance, at highly discounted prices now. Our sought-after dedicated servers are known to augment performance, ensure fast page loads, deliver faster and secure service, and provide many other beneficial features at prices that have been especially discounted for the convenience of our clients. This is aimed at ensuring enhanced affordability; so that more and more people and businesses can benefit from using a dedicated server, coupled with the phenomenal service of HTS Hosting.