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Linux Managed VPS

Managed VPS, hosting provider completely manages VPS managed server. Business owners don’t have to worry about the technicality, maintenance and updates while server is running. All management part is handled by hosting companies. Many individuals or management companies prefer using managed VPS server as they lack technical knowledge in maintaining VPS server. If company is not having any technical knowledge. They will be unable to handle server for their own organization.

Many users prefer Linux VPS. It offers great flexibility and modifications and low on cost as compared Windows VPS.

  • Full root SSH Access

    Full root access gives you full control. Manage VPS server according to your requirements.

  • Upgradable RAM Memory

    HTS hosting offers different RAM upgrade options at very affordable price.

  • Expandable SSD Storage

    Upgrade SSD storage with our VPS plans to store large files.

  • 100 Mb/s Connectivity

    Transfer your files seamlessly at speed of 100 Mb/s.

An Optimal Benefit

  • Business owners don’t need to worry about managing VPS.
  • Lots of things are managed by hosting companies.
  • Complete technical support.
  • With fully managed, you will get complete data protection
  • Close monitoring is done by hosting companies.

Why choose VPS managed service

  • Adequate solution between shared hosting and dedicated hosting
  • Grants more scalability
  • Grants more control to servers
  • Cost effective with HTS VPS
  • HTS promises to ensure minimal fluctuation.

    Operating System Available

  • CentOS

  • Ubuntu

  • Fedora

  • Debian

Make a suitable choice

Are you finding VPS managed dedicated server that is really reliable. Do you want manage resources of your own? HTS is providing best VPS managed solutions. Connect with HTS to get best in class VPS services. We give budget friendly services with full support.

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Managed VPS Frequently Asked Questions

As you place order through HTS hosting, process will start and you will receive login credentials. We are constantly working in providing best VPS server price in India.

If you choose Managed Linux VPS Hosting, HTS will provide complete technical support to setup and manage your data on VPS server.

We are continuously working in providing reliable services for our customers. To know about the VPS go to our knowledgebase section. You can buy Linux VPS Server Hosting to start with VPS.

Yes, you can move from shared hosting to dedicate hosting. We have easy migrate policies and we work very fast in migrating your hosting plans. HTS Hosting provides seamless migration to provide best VPS Hosting in India.

There are different kinds of support we provide. If you choose managed VPS hosting. Lot of things will be taken care by HTS support team.

Yes, you can expand storage from current hosting plans. Storage expansion prices may vary. To know about current price contact our support team.