Self-Managed Linux VPS Servers

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Linux Self-Managed VPS

Self-Managed Linux VPS hosting are generally managed by business owners. Business owners are responsible for all tasks related VPS. Self-managed VPS server’s gives lot of advantages to its customers. Customers can manage lots of resources. It like buying a new computer without any pre-installations. Self-managed bit of technicality to handle all resources like – RAM, disk usage, CPU, network bandwidth. And with Linux gives more power in your hand.

As every service requires permission to start.Linux is often very lower threatening to malware’s. Different Linux version comes free or has very low cost.

  • Full root SSH Access

    Full root access gives you full control. Manage VPS server according to your requirements.

  • Upgradable RAM Memory

    HTS hosting offers different RAM upgrade options at very affordable price.

  • Expandable SSD Storage

    Upgrade SSD storage with our VPS plans to store large files.

  • 100 Mb/s Connectivity

    Transfer your files seamlessly at speed of 100 Mb/s.

An Optimal Benefit

  • Manage VPS server of your own.
  • Full excess to root to virtual private server.
  • Manage server resource of your own.
  • Low on cost because lot of things are manage by customers.
  • Implement policies according to your requirement.

Why Choose Self-managed Service

  • HTS has top level experts working constantly upgrading themselves.
  • Very minimal interruption.
  • Control VPS resources accordingly.
  • High-level of testing.
  • Constant upgradation.

    Operating System Available

  • CentOS

  • Ubuntu

  • Fedora

  • Debian

Make suitable choice

Our vision is to help our consumers for getting best hosting plans for small and medium-scale companies/ organizations. HTS hosting provide best Self-Managed VPS servers. We have incredible team to full support for our consumers. We are currently expanding to create a new vision for our consumers.

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Linux Self-managed VPS FAQ

HTS Hosting offers both hosting plans VPS and dedicated server. But most people prefer to choose Self Managed Linux VPS Servers because of cost and maintenance.

If you choose to go for self managed VPS hosting. Then you need technicality to manage VPS. But with fully managed Linux VPS all things are managed by hosting provider.

Currently HTS is using KVM (Kernel-based Virtual Machine)

Yes, you can definitely upgrade disk space from existing VPS plan.

You don’t require any permission to install software but make sure whatever you install it should be malicious free

  • Freedom to manage lot of things.
  • Install own applications.
  • Manage server without any interference.
  • Handle anything instantly.