Multi-Zone DB Replication- Arrow DB Sync

Arrow DB Sync is a lead database matching up application which permits synchronizing of databases between two servers. The matching up is exact to the point that whatever is refreshed in the ace is adjusted in the optional server additionally without setting up any replication. Arrow DB match up works so that you can decide to empower auxiliary when the essential is under support or disappointment. Envision if the ace database server comes up short, the slave will naturally elevate to an ace and start working inside couple of moments.

Arrow DB Sync is a synchronous database replication for a high accessibility. The best case use will be for servers in a similar system, anyway this can likewise be utilized for database servers in various areas. This requires in any event two committed database servers with min 1 Gbps private network.

Points of interest Of Arrow DB Sync
  • Replication is practically prompt
  • Auxiliary is advanced as Primary naturally on the off chance that the essential has system or equipment issues
  • Can deal with Split Brain issue consequently
  • No Mysql Level replication settings is required
  • Can be utilized inside a Private Lan to servers over different areas