Privacy and Policy

HTS SOLUTIONS respects your individual privacy. This Privacy Policy embodies our assurance to its protection through devotion to electronic information practice. This Policy puts you, the individual, in control of how your personal information is processed. You have our promise that we will not process your personal information in any way that is incompatible with this Policy and will not share any of your information unless we receive written permission from you.

This Privacy Policy saves your privacy by

Giving Informing about:

  • All credentials like personal information HTS SOLUTIONS. gathers about you through its Website;
  • The purpose for which our site collects such information;
  • All organizations to which information is disclosed;

Authorizing you to choose:

Whether and how the certain personal information you provide is used; and whether and the manner in which a third party uses certain personal information you provide

Assure you that HTS SOLUTIONS

  • HTS SOLUTIONS will take reasonable safety measures to protect personal information from loss, misuse, unauthorized access, disclosure, hindrance or destruction;
  • HTS SOLUTIONS will implement reasonable policies and procedures to ensure that personal information is kept only for the purposes for which it has been gathered;
  • HTS SOLUTIONS will use reasonable measures to ensure that we have exactly and totally recorded the personal information you have provided; and
  • HTS SOLUTIONS will provide you reasonable access to your personal information as well as procedures for correcting or modifying that information where appropriate

Getting to Know Our Customers

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Finally, HTS SOLUTIONS holds sensitive/ personal data or information of providers of information, shall not retain such information for longer than is required for the purposes for which the information may lawfully be used or is otherwise required under the User Agreement or any other law for the time being in force or unless ordered to the contrary by any order of court of law. The information collected shall be used for the purpose for which it has been collected. The information is collected and retained by HTS SOLUTIONS on its server located at various locations in

We may share certain information about you with those of our vendors who are responsible for handling your account or performing other services that you require but no sensitive information is shared by any third party vendors. But we will not share such information with other third parties, except in response to formal requests made in connection with proceedings, negotiation, or criminal proceedings directly relating to hosting registration or other services we provide, or as directed by you or your agent. Additionally, we may share the information stored on the publicly reachable registration database, as well as other information that is not of a disposed nature, with carefully selected business partners, including those who offer services that complement those provided by us or which may otherwise be of interest to you.

Our responsibility to You

By purchasing our services, you obtain the protections of, and approval to the data processing practices described in, this Privacy Policy. When you purchase our services, you also represent to us that you have provided notice to, and obtained consent from, any third party individuals whose personal data you supply to us with regard to:

  • the reason for which such third party's personal data have been collected,
  • the proposed recipients or categories of recipients of the third party's personal data,
  • which of the third party's data is required and which data, if any, are unpaid,
  • How the third party can use and, if necessary, verify the data held about them.

In addition to the privacy protections that we provide, our employees, agents and business partners are independently responsible for ensuring compliance with this Privacy Policy, as described below.

Notification of Changes

HTS SOLUTIONS will place any changes to this Privacy Policy 30 days before their effective date so you will always know what information we collect, how we use it, and under what conditions, if any, we disclose it. You are responsible for periodically checking our Website for changes to this Privacy Policy.