What is a Virtual Private Server?

VPS is a server that runs multiple independent virtual machines, each of which acts like a small, dedicated server without incurring the high cost and management overheads of a physical machine.These multiple virtual servers are isolated from each other. Each VPS runs its own operating system which functions independently and can also be rebooted independently.

We offer state-of-the-art VPS service at reasonably priced plans to choose from.

An ideal option for

  • Business that is growing
  • Business that is getting more traffic
  • Installing custom modules or applications that aren’t supported by your shared host
  • Websites experiencing extreme traffic fluctuations
  • Exercising more control over your server
  • E-Commerce websites where you need to ensure secure payments
  • Full root SSH Access

    Full root access gives you full control. Manage VPS server according to your requirements.

  • Upgradable RAM Memory

    HTS hosting offers different RAM upgrade options at very affordable price.

  • Expandable SSD Storage

    Upgrade SSD storage with our VPS plans to store large files.

  • 100 Mb/s Connectivity

    Transfer your files seamlessly at speed of 100 Mb/s.

Why choose VPS?

  • A perfect solution between shared hosting and dedicated hosting
  • Offers more control
  • Offers more flexibility at a much lower price
  • Gain complete control over the server to tweak it to your needs
  • Gives access to instantly scale resources
  • Server resources are guaranteed,to ensure minimal fluctuation in available resources

Managed VPS

  • Hosting provider manages all the server maintenance.
  • Buyers don't have to worry about any technicality.
  • The best choice for beginners, especially for management companies.
  • Full Technical Support
  • A bit expensive as hosting provider takes care of maintenance.

Self-Managed VPS

  • Lots of things are controlled by the customers.
  • The hosting provider is only responsible for the physical server.
  • A good choice for technically oriented customers.
  • Limited technical support.
  • Not too much expensive because lots of things are managed by the customers.

Make an apt choice

Have you outgrown your shared hosting needs? Do you want to save the extra money that you will have to shell out for a dedicated server? Then we have the best in-between solution for you. Opt for our VPS which lets you experience the best of both worlds. It ensures the best performance and security along with scalability at an unbeatably low price to fulfilyour requirements.

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VPS Server Frequently Asked Questions

Increase the security of your VPS by following this brief guideline

  • Change you default SSH login
  • Use the latest software versions
  • Monitor your VPS server logs
  • Set up your Firewall
  • Ensure that your server is malware protected
  • Keep it safe from brute-force attacks
  • Control user access Keep backups
  • Use SSL certificates for everything

VPS is flexible in handling surges of traffic ensuring that your site doesn’t slow down. It gives you greater control of your server environment and easier scalability as you expand your business.It scores over dedicated hosting by providing these benefits at a much cheaper price than that at which dedicated hosting is available. So, it is indeed a cost-effective solution in comparison to dedicated hosting.

There are 2 main types of VPS hosting

  • Managed VPS hosting which is managed by the web host.
  • Self-Managed VPS hosting, where the client manages his own server.

In managed VPS hosting, the core server maintenance and managementresponsibilities are taken care of by the hosting provider. These responsibilitiesinclude but are not limited to the following-

  • Server monitoring
  • Technical support
  • Malware protection
  • Denial of Service (DoS) protection

A based Virtual Private Server combines the benefits of a Virtual Private Server with all the benefits that has to offer. A based VPS offers the security and reliability that is ensured by a VPS in addition to the security and reliability that comes from running a based operating system. Additionally, it helps reap the benefits in term of savings as both VPS and a based OS solution are inherently cost-effective.