Managed Windows VPS Servers

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Windows Managed VPS

Managed Windows VPS servers are completely managed by hosting provider. Business owners don’t need to spend any time in handling after choosing managed Windows VPS hosting. There are different type of industries that mostly work only on management part. They lack such technicality to handle VPS.

That’s why they prefer to use managed VPS hosting.Mostly user’suse Windows VPS comes with more flexibility that means you can easily install and manage services.

  • Full root SSH Access

    Full root access gives you full control. Manage VPS server according to your requirements.

  • Upgradable RAM Memory

    HTS hosting offers different RAM upgrade options at very affordable price.

  • Expandable SSD Storage

    Upgrade SSD storage with our VPS plans to store large files.

  • 100 Mb/s Connectivity

    Transfer Your Files with seamless speed of 100 Mb/s

An Optimal Benefit

  • Hosting provider completely handles the managed VPS hosting.
  • Hosting provider handles installation, upgradation and other services required in maintaining VPS.
  • Full secured data-protection with latest threat handling methodologies.
  • Integrated Windows features to handle managed VPS hosting.

Why choose VPS managed service

  • More extensibility to users.
  • Budget services with HTS.
  • We focus only on client needs.
  • HTS works only on result oriented.
  • Peace of mind with HTS services.

    Operating System Available

Make a suitable choice

Do you need budget VPS plans for your website? Are you planning to start online business with minimal technicality?HTS provides managed VPS service. We have 24/7 support for our all services.

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Managed VPS Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, we do allow our customer to work using SSH service. With SSH you can manage lot things from any place.

We are all very well-known by Microsoft. Windows, the most popular OS is used to manage its users with Windows easy-to-user services.

HTS offers Managed and Self-managed VPS server. According to your requirements you can choose any one of them.

After completion of payment. We took around 24 hours to completely setup VPS.

In managed VPS, VPS installation, troubleshooting, updation and other VPS service handling is done by hosting provider. You only have to manage VPS part.

Yes we do monitor VPS utilization, resource usage VPS analytics and other services that are required to run VPS.