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Windows Self-Managed VPS

A Virtual Private Server (VPS) uses virtualization technology and divides a server into several virtual servers. This ensures that a single server can function as several separate, private servers, enabling a user of the VPS to install his own software and operating system. Different VPS users’ files remain separated from each other on the OS level. A VPS emulates the server environment of a dedicated server on a single shared server. Virtual Private Servers offer dedicated resources, enhance data security, and are private and exclusively meant for your use.

Take over the reins of managing your server with our outstanding Windows Self-Managed VPS, which empowers you to have full control over the management of your VPS. Independently carry out server management and maintenance as well as troubleshoot processes and take care of all the relevant updates without our aid. In a self-managed VPS, including our Windows Self-Managed VPS, it is the sole responsibility of the VPS’ user to set up and manage his/her server and ensure its proper maintenance. The Windows Self-Managed VPS will be provided by us but the responsibility to set it up, or to ensure its management and maintenance is not ours. All our budget-friendly packages for Windows Self-Manged VPS let you manage your server independently.

  • Full root SSH Access

    Full root access gives you full control. Manage VPS server according to your requirements.

  • Upgradable RAM Memory

    HTS hosting offers different RAM upgrade options at very affordable price.

  • Expandable SSD Storage

    Upgrade SSD storage with our VPS plans to store large files.

  • 100 Mb/s Connectivity

    Transfer your files seamlessly at speed of 100 Mb/s.

An Ideal Option For

In a Self-Managed VPS, it is the sole responsibility of the VPS user to ensure proper server management and maintenance. The VPS is provided by the service provider but setting it up, its management and maintenance as well as installing the necessary software, troubleshooting processes, ensuring core updates and security, as well as all the other activities related to server management are handled independently by the VPS user without the assistance of the service provider. Our low-priced Windows Self-Managed VPS is fully equipped with dedicated resources to deliver high performance, high uptime, fast speed, and much more to ensure that your Windows Self-Managed VPS functions seamlessly and efficiently.

Self-Managed VPS is an ideal option for-

  • Businesses that are thoroughly prepared to handle the technical intricacies involved in server management
  • Those that have sufficient time, or are able to put in the required work and effort for ensuring proper server management
  • Businesses that are well-equipped with adequate resources to manage their servers
  • Businesses that have a proficient technical team that is well versed in server configuration, its management and maintenance and in ensuring its security.

Why Choose a Self-Managed VPS?

Our Windows Self-Managed Virtual Private Servers let you exercise full control over the maintenance and the management of your VPS. We, as your service provide, are not involved in the activities related to the management of your Windows Self-Managed VPS. You are empowered with the flexibility to not only manage your Windows Self-Managed VPS independently without the aid of your service provider but also install software, troubleshoot processes, ensure core updates, and customize your server’s security. Our Windows Self-Managed VPS is powerfully configured with dedicated resources to deliver extraordinary performance, high uptime, fast speed, and much more at massively discounted prices.

Benefits of Self-Managed VPS:

  • Ability to reboot the server from the panel
  • Full control of the user over server management
  • Enhanced performance
  • Dedicated resources
  • Load graphs and historical memory can be viewed on the panel
  • Avail the expertise of a VPS at a lesser price than that of a Managed VPS
  • The user independently handles server management, software installation, core updates, etc.
  • Flexibility with regard to management and customization of server’s security

    Operating System Available

Make an Exceptional Choice

Our budget-friendly Windows Self-Managed VPS constantly delivers unsurpassable performance at fast speed, ensuring high uptime, owing to its dedicated resources and our superior quality of service. Our Windows Self-Managed VPS is globally renowned as an ideal choice for tech-savvy individuals, who can manage their servers independently and configure their servers’ security on their own. We aim at delivering unparalleled server performance, top-notch quality of service at affordable prices to our continuously expanding global client base.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Yes Windows is easy to handle. Most users are familiar in using Windows.

Hosting provider only handles physical maintenance of server rest of management part of VPS is handled by customers.

Currently we are working to provide easy-to-use guides so you can start working with Windows self-managed VPS. Check our knowledgebase section on

We have 3 version of Windows Operating system. Windows 2012, 2016, 2019.

We have different hosting plans. Go to our website or contact our technical support to know more about all hosting plans.