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What Is A Virtual Private Server?

VPS is a server that runs multiple independent virtual machines, each of which acts like a small, dedicated serverwithout incurring the high cost and management overheads of a physical machine.These multiple virtual servers are isolated from each other. Each VPS runs its own operating system which functions independently and can also be rebooted independently.

We offer pioneeringVPS service for Windows with various affordable plans to choose from.

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We prioritize providing fast and seamless hosting. Our team of experts works round the clock to provide prompt technical assistance, so that your site is up and running 24*7.

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An Optimal Benefit

  • Websites that are growing
  • Websites gaining more traffic
  • Customize VPS as per your preference
  • More control to VPS with a built-in integrated options
  • Host websites when you need to do online transactions
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Why Choose HTS VPS Services?

  • Adequate solution between shared hosting and dedicated hosting
  • Grants more scalability
  • Grants more control to servers.
  • Cost effective with HTS VPS
  • HTS promises to ensure minimal fluctuation.

Make An Informed Choice

Are you finding some suitable options to host your multiple websites or single website with on-going web traffic? We have best VPS solutions. Opt for our HTS services and let you experience best VPS services. We ensure high security with low price to full fill your requirements.

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Frequently Asked Queries

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In Managed VPS Hosting, the web hosting service provider takes care of all the server related responsibilities such as core updates, maintenance and software installation. In it, the business owner has the advantage to focus fully on growing his business. Managed VPS Hosting in simple words, is a hands-free approach. For new business owners with little technical experience, Managed VPS Hosting is the best solution.

In Unmanaged VPS Hosting the business owner has to take care of all the server responsibilities and maintenance tasks. In it the hosting provider only takes care of the physical server and its availability. Unmanaged VPS Hosting is suitable for you ifyou have the technical expertise or dedicated in-house resources managing your server, operating system and other server related resources. Unmanaged VPS Hosting is a better option for already established businesses as opposed to emerging ones that have their main focus to establish their business in the market.

AVirtual Private Serveris a server running within a server. In it one physical server hosts multiple virtual servers where each is isolated from the others. This is accomplished with a software which is called a hypervisor. A hypervisor divides the physical server and keeps each segment separate from the others. Each VPS works by running its own operating system which is independent of the others which makes it seem that it is its own independent server. Each VPS can also be rebooted independently.

VPS offers better performance and scalability, more privacy and security than shared hosting at a much more affordable price than dedicated hosting. It is beneficial to opt for a VPS when your website experiences extreme traffic fluctuations or exceeds the resource and architectural limits of your shared hosting plan or your reseller plan. You can even opt for it when you need to install custom modules or applications that are not supported by your web host. It can be a good option if you want to have a virtual dev environment for yoursoftware developmentand testing or if you need root access to the server. If your website is handling sensitive data and processing financial transactions on a regular basis thentoo you can choose to use VPS for a safer and better hosting experience.

There is no need as such for VPS when you are hosting low traffic websites thataren’t mission critical or if you are a beginner.

Yes, you can install custom software on your VPS when you avail our service.

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