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Dedicated IP: Windows Dedicated Hosting

Are you looking for a hosting plan where your get your own dedicated IP? Then you are at the right place! We have the perfect Windows Dedicated Hosting plans for you. All our clients for dedicated hosting plans are entitled to their own dedicated IP.

Enhanced security, speed, stability, guaranteed uptime, and much more are part and parcel of our Windows Dedicated Hosting plans. Our Dedicated Hosting plans for Windows, guarantee a web hosting experience that ensures customer satisfaction.

We bring to you the perks that come along with using a dedicated IP, along with the usual benefits that define our services, which are augmented performance and speed, enhanced security, high uptime, and expert technical support. We have specifically designed plans dedicated to giving you an outstanding Windows Dedicated Hosting experience.

Speed, security, high uptime and affordability when these come together, it results in a web hosting experience that cannot be surpassed. That’s what our Windows Dedicated Hosting plans have been successfully delivering to our clients in every nook and cranny of the world.

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  • Flexibility

    Customize your server as per your unique and specific requirements.

  • Enhanced Security

    Host your website exclusively and increase its security manifold.

  • High speed with high uptime

    With dedicated hosting, annoying downtime will be history for you.

The best option for

Do you own an online business website? Or are you looking for a highly reliable web hosting service for your enterprise’s website? Then our Windows Dedicated Hosting plans will serve you well. The dedicated hosting plans that we offer for Windows are also an ideal hosting option for websites that get a lot of traffic, as well as for running business critical applications. Our Windows Dedicated Hosting service caters to a wide range of hosting requirements and suits all types of budgets.

Dedicated Hosting is the best option for-

  • Websites that experience a lot of traffic
  • Websites that are anticipated to grow quickly
  • Business critical applications
  • Host-revenue generating online stores
  • Large enterprise level organizations
  • Websites with strict need for customization and security

Why Choose Dedicated Web Hosting?

If you do not want to share your IP, then dedicated web hosting is what you need to opt for. We ensure that our plans for Windows Dedicated Hosting successfully meet the requirements of our diverse clientele. Availing dedicated web hosting from us not only lets you have a dedicated IP but also reap the benefits of fast and secure service that is guaranteed to deliver high uptime.

Benefits of Dedicated Hosting service:

  • Greater flexibility to manage the website
  • Enhanced performance
  • The best price-to-performance ratio
  • Enhanced security
  • Greater control over the server
  • Fast loading time

Make the best choice

Our plans are tailor-made for a guaranteed top-quality hosting experience. An exclusive IP, high uptime, fast speed, powerful security, augmented performance and plans that are loaded with features are all included in our budget-friendly Windows Dedicated Hosting service. Whether you own an enterprise or you run business critical applications, we have a plan that will cater perfectly to your unique hosting requirements and will ensure that you reap the benefits of:

  • Unbeatable Performance
  • Superlative Speed
  • Sturdy Security
  • Total Control

Our plans are tailor-made for a guaranteed top-quality hosting experience.

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Frequently Asked Questions

In dedicated hosting a dedicated IP (Internet Protocol) is provided to a client’s website. This IP isn’t shared by any other site and is for the exclusive use of that particular website. Dedicated hosting ensures greater flexibility to manage a website along with more control and enhanced privacy when compared to shared hosting.

Our Windows Dedicated Hosting plans have been delivering successfully and consistently the best quality of Windows Dedicated Hosting service to our highly satisfied clientele. You can avail our hosting services at the most affordable prices and enhance exponentially the performance of your website.

It is a multi-functional control panel developed by Plesk International GmbH. It is a commercial web hosting and server data center automation software with a control panel developed for Windows and Linus based hosting providers. It is suitable for both dedicated and shared hosting purposes.

Plesk Control Panel has an intuitive user interface. It works with both Windows and Linux servers, making it suitable for every website regardless of the hosting plan. Plesk control panel has a mobile app that is optimized for smaller screens. Plesk is renowned to provide many different options to keep your website more secure. It is compatible with a wide range of 3rd party applications. In it you can get over hundred extensions that add functionality to website speed, security, appearance, backups, email and SEO, to name a few. It is powerful, affordable and easy to use.

It is a smart choice to ensure an intuitive and user-friendly access to one’s web server. It is especially beneficial for business websites and for anyone who uses Windows hosting or other Windows products like ASP.NET that are not well supported by other options like cPanel.

Plesk web control panel is a good option for businesses that want greater control over who has access to the website’s backend. It is an efficient way to organize your website assets such as domains and databases.

With all the benefits that it has to offer and the exclusivity, it comes at a higher price than other types of hosting services. This can be a drawback for those looking for budget solutions but it is definitely a value for money solution with all its advantages.